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This feature requires all the players and GM have and are using BetteR20 on their workstation(s). The weather feature takes a tileable graphic and then... tiles it across the screen and then moves the tiles in a direction.

Instructions (How to use it)

The feature is composed of three parts much like the Dynamic Lighting layer.

  • The Weather Configuration - the means to enable or disable and to various degrees control its presentation
  • The Effect - the specific weather effect (unlike Dynamic lighting, its more than just light, and you can control coloration size, speed etc (covered in The Configuration))
  • The Weather Layer - which allows you to exclude areas from where the weather effects are demonstrated.(See Known Issues)

Weather Configuration

  • Go to the Page Toolbar.
  • Select the Map in question,
  • Choose the Settings Cog and then go to the weather settings

(Prior to BetterR2 1.14.10  Go to the Config Editor, and choosing the "Weather" tab you can modify the weather layer's presentation. The image. It's speed. It's 'direction'. The nature of its motion. etc. the following elements are used to assign such.)


Selects from a predetermined set of weather like patterns;
  • Fog
  • Rain
  • Ripples (excellent for underwater scenarios)
  • Snow
  • Waves (excellent for animating rivers, oceans etc)
  • Custom (see Custom Image)

Custom Image
(Type must be set to custom to make this field editable)
A URL for the image, the image will then be scrolled across the screen.  
Weather Speed
A slider bar determining the speed the image slides across the screen.


Cardinal direction of the animations source (going to its opposite) eg. "North" moves from top of the screen to the bottom "South"

Custom Direction

Custom Direction only matters when the Direction field is set to Custom.
A slider bar which aligns 0 (" North ") all the way around to nearly (" North ") again, in a clockwise fashion - 1/4 being corresponding East β‡’ West, 1/2 being South β‡’ North; 3/4 being West β‡’ East


This shifts the nature of the movement - from being linear to moving two and fro (hence oscillate).

when unchecked it only moves in the default single directional manner.

Oscillation Threshold

Determine the distance the weather/image travels until it reverses and returns to the starting point


Choosing "Heavy" doubles the image, layering upon each other offset making transparency 


Toggle to enable a tint upon the weather layer - this tints EVERYTHING under it, and doesn't respect the weather layer's boundaries.

Tint Color

Used for selection or entering Hexacolor settings.

Special Effects

Choose a special effect, currently this only Lightning. 

Instruction Walkthrough (How to use it)

The Weather layer

The Weather layer  The weather layer works like the Dynamic Lighting layer. Although the Circle Tool doesn't currently define a reserved space. Use the Drawing tools (Make Shape, or Polygon/Line) to set the boundaries/obstructions. 

Weather patterns start from the outside INTO and across the layer. So if you draw a box the size of the map you, effectively kill the weather effect.

Any shapes drawn INSIDE of another restriction boundary are not 'restored' for weather, an area defined as having no weather effect inside of it, will have no weather effect inside of it.

AS A WORKAROUND you can make a thin opening to the edge of the map leading to an internal spot which be part of the weather pattern.

Weather πŸ“

  • Type
    Choose what type of weather pattern (Rain; Fog, Snow, Waves, Ripples, and Custom)
  • Custom Image
    Custom image is disabled unless Type is set to Custom
    At which point the field becomes availible, and you can set a URL for the image
  • Weather Speed
    The speed of the animation (see Oscillate)
  • Direction
    The direction of the animation. (8 compass directions - assuming Top of the screen is "North") Be default, an image use will rotate 45Β° degrees clockwise from its natural orientation.



(relative to top)


(moving to south)

12 o'clock (0Β°)

(Moving to South Westerly)

1:30 (45Β°)
Easterly 3:00 (90Β°)
South-Easterly 4:30 (135Β°)
Southerly 6:00 (180Β°)
South-Westerly 7:30 (225Β°)
Westerly 9:00 (270Β°)
North-Westerly 10:30 (315Β°)
  • Custom Direction
    a slider to customized the direction of the animation 0Β°-360Β°
  • Oscillate
    This changes the image's action from flowing across the layer, to moving back and forth - this is modified by Weather Speed; and Oscillation Threshold.
  • Oscillation Threshold
    The amplitude of the threshold
  • Intensity
    doubles the image (slightly offset)
  • Tint
  • Tint Color
    If the tint is turned on, this brings the color picker up to see.
  • Special Effects 
    - Lightning - random flashes of light.

Suggested settings;


  • Choose type "ripple"
  • Slow Weather Speed
  • Oscillate, with a low threshold
  • Tint it with a blue

Severe Storm

  • Choose type "rain"
  • Direction so that the rain moves towards the bottom of the screen
  • moderate Weather Speed
  • Intensity Heavy
  • Special Effects Lightning

From TipMcVenus




Weather Pond Setup.png

Result: Weather pond.gif

Weather - train moving.gif

Weather Lava.gif


Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

The URL must be a valid URL - which doesn't require authentication. The circle Tool doesn't restrain weather Line Splitter doesn't work on the Weather Layer.

Shapes drawn within out shapes on the weather layer don't effectively toggle states of the weather, the outter most shape defines where the weather will not show within. period.

If you cannot see or use the weather feature, try restarting the Roll20 session with a CTRL + F5, or restarting the browser.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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Best Practices

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