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Turn Tracker

Enhances the Turn Order feature to include the HP, AC and a button that links directly to the associated character sheet for creatures on its list.
The modification to the sheet only occurs for the person(s) running the script.

Feature Options 

This Feature is controlled by modifying the entries under the interface tab of the Config Editor.
Add Additional Info to Tracker
Tracker Columns (1,2,3)
Add Sheet Button to Tracker
Shrinking Initiative Tracker Text
Show Difficulty in Tracker
The Config Editor controls what features are displayed
  • Add Additional Info to Tracker - Toggles if the information is displayed or not
  • Tracker Column 1 - Choose either AC, HP, Passive Perception,  or Spell DC
  • Tracker Column 2 - Choose either AC, HP, Passive Perception,  or Spell DC
  • Tracker Column 3 - Choose either AC, HP, Passive Perception,  or Spell DC
If the --Empty-- option is chosen the Column will hold nothing (see image's Column 3).
  • Add Sheet Button to Tracker - Toggles if there is an icon that 
  • Shrink Initiative Tracker Text - Toggles the size of text for the additional column data.
  • Show Difficulty in Tracker - The tracker looks at the number of PC character in the tracker and compares it to the number of NPC/Creatures and uses the DMG's assessment to give an overview of the difficulty of the encounter based off the CR values. If you modify the creatures (increasing or decreasing their strength) and have not modify the CR value, the difficulty rating will not reflect those changes. 

The other features of the Track can be viewed here .

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