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Tables are the collections of the various random generator; reference lists; and other content for easier reference. On 5eTools these tables can often be made to be immediately rollable to generate results thru the Dice Roller feature.

Instructions (How to use it)

Expand Page layout below for more information

Page Layout
Screen reference labeled.png

Website toolbar.PNG

The Navbar appears atop of most of the features of the site and helps quickly navigate between its features.
The bar shifts to include the current page's title and some specific advice for its use, and link to the wiki for the site's feature(s).

Navbar Options

The filter interface is a quick and easy way to break down the results into usable 'chunks' for use.

There are a number of facets that the filter element brings into play on the current page.

FilterButton.PNG - This opens a popup window for advanced filtering features for that section of the website
Website filter.PNG - This collapses the filter source details (the list of red and blue colored sources that appear below the filter element as they are added from the filter popup.
Search.png - Simple text filter. You type in the data you are looking for here and the site attempts to filter by it.
<Results>/<Total Entries> - This gives the specific feedback of
Website filterfeelinglucky.PNG - From the results of your filter, this chooses a random result.
FilterHide.PNG - Removes the entire, left pane (including Filter and Filter's Result's List), making the page collapse into one column.
FilterReset.PNG - Resets the Filters to using RAW sources.

Filtering Sources Guide:
πŸ”΅ FilterBlue.png Blue - Included
πŸ”΄ FilterRed.png Red - Excluded
βšͺ FilterColorless.png Colorless - Ignored

Combine filters as...
And button.PNG - Filter options will require all elements to be presented to the filtered result pane
Show all button.PNG -
Hide all button.PNG -
Reset button.PNG -
FilterSettings.PNG -

AllBLUE button.PNG - Includes All
Clear button.PNG - Clears Selection
NoneRED button.PNG - Excludes All
Default button.PNG - WoTC 1st Party Material + Loaded Homebrew
x28px - Includes things that have This or That
AndBLUE button.PNG - Includes things that have This and That

OrRED button.PNG - Excludes things that have This or That
AndRED button.PNG - Excludes things that have This and That
Hide button.PNG -


The sources will be listed under the Filter element. Depending up the settings used on the Filter setting page.

3️⃣ Filter's Result's List
This pane lists a number of columns which can be sorted by clicking upon the column's heading which will then be denoted after the column's title by either FilterResultsAscending.PNG (ascending) or FilterResultsDescending.PNG (descending).
By selecting an entry upon the filter's result list, the panel on the (5️⃣) information pane of the webpage, and will update with the detailed information as it's selected.
You can choose them by either using the mouse to select, or using the J or K keys to manually move through the list of options.

4️⃣ Pinned List/Information Pane Controls
Pin List
This will show when an entry is pinned for the first time, and will expand dynamically as additional contents are added.

FOR framless
Pin button.png = Pinned. Add currently selected item to the list in the 4️⃣ Pinned List.
Popout button.png = Popout Window. Opens a locked popout.
Link button.png = Get link to Filters
Downloadlist button.png = Download list. Export your pinned items to local file.
Uploadlist button.png = Upload List. load a local file of previously exported list.

5️⃣ Information Pane
On the right-hand side of the website, the detailed information of the selected item the Filter's Result List pane (3️⃣) will be displayed.
This will differ from page to page and as such some entries will have elements which (Website UI.PNG or ResultElement.png) which will provide additional information, pin or remove customized lists; Show the source JSON data for modification in the Homebrew Builder; links to the entry directly, and to manage homebrew sources for the content being used for that section's data.

At the bottom of most pages, there will be this icon RollerButton.png. When it is clicked (as the animation shows) it will open a small window which can be used to either roll, or return the results of actions triggered by clicking other elements of the site. (usually triggered by a link on the page that most often look like 2d10 this. (There are some instructions on how to do this within the JSON data in the Renderer Demo should you want to enable this for your own documents - see Homebrew.

The roller uses the common format for dice rolling (that being <a>d<X> where <a> is the number of dice rolled <X> number of times. The results of the roll(s) is(are) presented to the roller window with separate entries and then the sum of the rolls are calculated as well.

For a detailed description of the feature please see the 🎲 Dice Roller page.

You may use the filter to choose what sources to use; the search field to seek specific matches; and the resulting list below the filter to populate the information pane.

Types of Tables
There are two types of tables.
  • Static
Static tables are tables that are more often for lookup data; and don't feature a "roll for result" format.
Table static.png
  • Rollable
Rollable tables allow you to click upon their first column's header and generate a result into the Dice Roller
Table rollable.png



  • Shift - Locks open a popup window
  • F - Jump to Filter, so that you can enter or modify it.
  • J or K - Navigate up and down the filter's list.
  • SPACE - page down

Pin button.png = Pinned. Add currently selected item to the list in the 4️⃣ Pinned List.
Popout button.png = Popout Window. Opens a locked popout.
+ framless = View JSON code for the entry
Link button.png = Get link to Filters
+ framless = Gets the link for the generated Pinned List
Downloadlist button.png = Download list. Export your pinned items to local file.
+ framless = Generates the Link, and stores it in clipboard memory.
Uploadlist button.png = Upload List. load a local file of previously exported list.
+ framless = ??

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

Table does not trigger Dice Roller

Tables will have what appears to be a viable mathematical header column, but clicking upon the column does not generate a result inside the Dice Roller window.
This is because the Table presentation automatically reviews the first column's header for specific information (a dice roller compatible formatted entry (ie. d20, d100 or the like), or must be specifically told how to respond by the person who made the table entry for the website in their homebrew addition, or the requested command is too complicated for the Dice Roller to understand as it may include a request for information (in the example picture + level which the roller has no way of knowing.
Table nonrollable.png
Work Around :
The DM must calculate the results manually and then determine what the resulting value would be for the players. [open the Dice Roller, and generate a result and then modify the result by the required factor(s) - in the example table (see image) you would enter d100 into the dice roller and then add the character level (which the site has no way to know)].
The topic is covered in greater depth in Homebrewing tables


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Best Practices

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🚧 Still being documented.

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