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Table Importer

Found in the Open Tools list.
The table importer allows you to take data and easily format it into a way to quickly create rollable tables for you to use in the game.
If you are not familiar with Rollable Tables you can read more about it here. But, as a quick overview its a set of options from which an entry can be randomly picked.
Both Better20 and VTTES/R20ES have this feature;
  • You can access BetteR20's in-game in Roll20 by clicking the sidetoolbar's R20Settings.PNG, choosing Open Tools List, and then Table Importer. (BetteR20 + 5eTools version of this includes the tables from the DMG/PhB for immediate importing) (see photo atop this wiki page for this Feature)

  • You can access VTTES/R20ES's by going to R20Collection.PNG (Collection), and scrolling down to the Rollable Tables, where you'll see the following dialog.
Table io.png


File Format: The feature uses The Aaron's TableExport API script's format .
!import-table -- <table_name>
as the first line to define the table's name, and then
!import-table --<table_name> --<table_item> --<weight> --<image_URL>
Import Table - Sample Table Definitions.png
  • table_name = is The Name of the table
  • table_item   = is a line entry on that table
  • weight          = is the number of times this entry effectively occurs on the table. In a table in which the total of all items' weight equals 100, an entry with a weight of 25 would equal a 25% chance.
  • Image_URL  = The address for the Image. 

Example: A table named Sample-Mood-Ring.

!import-table --Sample-Mood-Ring --show
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Black] Stressed --1 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Red] Fear --1 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Yellow] Nervous --1 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Green] Romance --2 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Blue] Normal --10 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Lapis] Relaxed --5 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Navy] Calm --3 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Purple] Cool --4 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Pink] Lovable --7 -- 
!import-table-item --Sample-Mood-Ring --[Orange] Passion --2 --

You can copy and paste these commands using the Paste from Paste from Clipboard.pngClipboard.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

Homebrew Incompatibility

Attempting to upload a 5eTools homebrew file that is or includes Table information doesn't work, and results a notification of the failure.
This is as intended and designed. The format for 5eTools tables are in a separate JSON structure. Roll20 uses a a separate format, and the tables exports from Roll20 follow The Aaron's script see Table Exporter for more information. It takes some work, but you can convert one to the other, that however; will not be covered in this document.


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Best Practices/Resources

Here is a link to a Public Table Exchange
And to a reddit group for Tables  
Roll20 Resources  πŸ“‡  Tables
  • If you do not include a number the weight will default to "0" (effectively no entry)
  • If you do not include a URL no image will be included.

While Homebrew: Tables does allow for the creation of customized tables, that does not import into Roll20 as the formating differs.

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