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Rivet is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which links Foundry and the 5eTools website, allowing the familiarity of 5eTool and its sorting and search features to quickly locate content in 5eTools and then push it into Foundry for use. To use it you'll need to install Rivet.
Rivet requires you to have Foundry game session open in the same browser on a different tab than 5etool's session.
When Rivet is active you'll see the Transfer via Rivet icon (Rivet PaperAirplane.png); which when clicked will transfer the active content into Foundry's Journal; Item's Directory; or in a specific Actor (if setup in the Config Editor


Foundry is running
Plutonium is installed
Rivet installed in the browser
5eTools is opened in that browser
Foundry is opened in that browser and logged into a game session, and Plutonium is activated in that world.
The User have write permissions within Foundry (even if its only their own Actor's sheet)

If you are comfortable finding content in 5eTools, Rivet is the fastest way to move that specific piece of content into Foundry. While you could first look in the Plutonium included compendia, it is often faster to simply ignore the Compendia and just grab what you want through 5etools.

...and, you aren’t limited to just moving items from 5eTool’s Bestiary into Foundry’s Actor tree. Any content that is supported by Plutonium can be quickly moved to Foundry via a single click with Rivet.


Click to see a video of how rolling works

Roll Forwarder

The Extension can forward rolls to Foundry;
  • You can define if and how rolls are brought into Foundry
  • Rolls can be Public or Whispered


Inside 5eTools, when rivet is active, you'll see notification of items that can be imported (Rivet PaperAirplane.png); Clicking upon this icon generates the content to Foundry (if you have the rights for such). Rivet can import (currently (sept 2020))
  • Backgrounds
  • Classes (subclasses)
  • Creatures (monsters)
  • Feats
  • Items
  • Class and Other Features
  • Psionics
  • Races (subraces)
  • Spells
  • Tables
  • Vehicles

NOTE: SHIFT-click the button to import the entity as a "temporary" Foundry Actor/Item/etc., the content which will be displayed instead of saved to the game. Note that Foundry's handling of these is spotty at best, so your mileage may vary.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

I cannot install from 5etTools data when I click from the site into Foundry

Some datatypes are not currently supported in Foundry: Boons; Variant Rules; Traps; etc. If there is no analog in Foundry, then rivet cannot import that data.


What is Rivet

There are the major functions of Rivet (a Chrome browser extension):
  1. You can make rolls inside 5eT and they'll show up in the FVTT Chat window. So you could (e.g.) bring up a Creature in 5eT and execute its attacks in the 5eT GUI and they'll still show up in Foundry. The rolls show up in FVTT and rivet settings allow it be roll as private or public.
  2. Objects in 5eT show a small paper airplane icon (Rivet PaperAirplane.png) that, when clicked on, pushes the object into FVTT. So you could (e.g.) click on "Bag of Holding" and it will show up in the Item tree inside FVTT. You can also optionally connect that function on-demand to a specific Actor, in which case (for this example) the Actor would get a Bag of Holding pushed into their personal Inventory. Note that an "object" is pretty much any 5eT record: you could push a Creature, Item, Feat, Class Feature, Table, etc. As such, this is a great way to get personal homebrew that you've loaded locally into 5eT over to FVTT. (You might also note that you can often push something into FVTT via Rivet faster than you can by looking up the object via the Plutonium Compendium interfaces in the FVTT Compendium sidebar.)

How do I install Rivet?

See the installation guide

Why am I getting a "browser_specific_settings" error from Rivet?

You need to update Rivet, please see the installation guide

What doesn't Rivet work with my Foundry Session?

Most likely because you're using the native Electron stand alone app. You have to have a Foundry session logged into the same browser with Rivet installed that you're using 5e.Tools. (and both must be the same session type - ie a Incognito mode session & a normal session will not communicate with each other).

Does Rivet work in Safari?

HA ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha ha haha aha....

(BUT neither does 5e.Tools, or Foundry... sooooooo... kinda pointless for Rivet to work there)

What Browsers DOES Rivet work within?

Many - but the better question is what Browsers 5eTOOLS works in, they are after all in a mutually exclusive symbiotic relationship.
See the Website:_User_Guide User Guide for what browsers are supported.

Best Practices

Its best to use Actor Import for class elements rather than Rivet.

Rivet is very helpful for converting Homebrew content.

Related Features

  • Importing in Foundry

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