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Screen quickreference.png

Quick Reference

This is a simple reference document for the rules.
This allows a location to use the quick find feature to help you identify specific rulings or content.

See Books for details

Instructions (How to use it)

Expand the following section for specific about the layout and features for each

Page Layout
Screen book labeled.png

1️⃣ Website Navbar

The Navbar appears atop of most of the features of the site and helps quickly navigate between its features.
The bar shifts to include the current page's title and some specific advice for its use, and link to the wiki for the site's feature(s).

2️⃣ Table of Content

The tables of contents will be listed within this pane, clicking upon the book (Book icon.png) will open the books ENTIRE contents in the page content pane (3️⃣).
Clicking upon the Books all books.png will move the browser to the Library to choose a different book to review.
Clicking upon Books TOC expand.png to expand the selection to see section listings within the chapter.
Clicking upon Books TOC collapse.png to collapse a Chapter heading and simplify the Table of Content's Pane.

3️⃣ Page Content

This will be in a tradtional content layout.
Formatting options include 3 Layers of headings; bold; italic; linked/tagged (denoted by blue text); Inserts; lists; tables; and a monster template;

See Homebrew for details about how to

Unlike many other features, the books view is specific to a single source and does not have a filter to work through. However; there are some specific controls (below) to navigate up to the library of all current books available, and down to the specific entries thru the Table of Contents pane.



  • Shift + Click - Opens the choosen section in a new browser window.
  • F - Find. A real
  • G - Go to /Jump to specific page.
  • SPACE - page down

  • WebsiteNavTO TOP.PNG or WebsiteNavbacktoTop.png - Return to the beginning of the current
  • WebsiteNavprev.PNG or WebsiteNavnext.PNG - Moves between chunks of the book's pages.
  • WebsiteBook wholebook.PNG or Book icon.png - Loads the entire book into the current browser window.
  • Books all books.png - will direct the browser to the Library to choose a different book to review.
  • Books TOC expand.png - expand the selection to see section listings within the chapter.
  • Books TOC collapse.png - collapse a Chapter heading and simplify the Table of Content's Pane.
Book copylinkVID.gif
copy link;

When you mouse over a heading (denoted by the different sized and different font type orange text); a transparent link icon will appear (see video animation) when that icon is clicked a "copied link!" will appear and then fade away quickly. Clicking upon the heading added the URL to that specific heading into your clipboard. You may now paste that into a document, messaging app, browser etc to bookmark or share with others so they too can find that specific passage/chapter (this is helpful for so-called "rules-lawyers").

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

Looks like its perfect... (Did we miss anything?)


How do I get a print view?

There doesn't appear to be an easy print view for the chosen book.
Yeah, that's because that's called a BOOK, and you... own the book you're pulling information from, right?? If you do not, please purchase the book and support its creator(s).

Best Practices

Use the Book icon.png View Entire Book feature to load the whole book and then use the browser's Ctrl + F (Find) to overcome Omnisearch's limitations around searching for specific content in the description.

🚧 Still being documented.

Related Features

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If not please check the under section Feature Support Known Isseus/Limitations or visit the Known Issues page for further guidance, or go to the Discord community and leave a comment in the issues channel.

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