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Manage QPI Script

This was an attempt to make a locally hosted version of the API Sandbox tool for pro users. To make it and have pro API scripts running for non PRO games BetteR20 would have to have a functional rewrite of the roll20 engine built into its structure.
When this was determined, this project was abandoned.

Feature Support

As it's not fully implemented there isn't much guidance to provide as yet.
You can type qpi.man() in the console to see the "docs" and type qpi.man("functionName") to see the docs for specific functions.

Known Issues/Limitations

Looks like its perfect... (Did we miss anything?)


Can I or How Can I use Roll20 API scripts through BetteR20

You cannot.
If you want API script access, get a Roll20 PRO subscription, and the for the <x> number of months you have that you'll have access to those scripts (which often will stop during the game);
JUST A SUGGESTION - for 5 months of that, you could just get Foundry. Its honestly better, and all that is free (after the $50) to do from then on. ``Go to [1]``

Best Practices

don't use it.
it's not done.
it's not supported so questions about it will get generally get no response. 

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