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Line Cutter Animated.gif

Line Splitter

For use with the Dynamic Lights feature on Roll20. It adds the Cutter Icon to the Brush tool on the Toolbar on Roll20.
Often when making lighting boundaries over complicated maps the polygon lines are long and complicated. This tool allows you to break those longer lines into 
Toolbar - brush Snip.PNG
smaller segments.

Instructions (How to use it)

As shown in the image above.
  1. Go to the Dynamic Lighting layer
  2. Zoom the view into the area where you want to make the change
  3. Choose the Line Splitter tool <need image>
  4. Place the center of the crosshairs on the dynamic lighting line you wish to break.  (NOTE: if you are not on the line nothing will happen.)
  5. The line (if correctly targeted) will break at that point.

Use Case Example (Why/When to use it)

Imagine having a map with secret doors or something destructive ... (a Passwall spell/disintegrate/explosives), which necessitates the modification of the established walls or in the case of secret doors where differing lines could show the door because of misalignment of the line - of the (if you've ever done it) attempting to grab that secret door. 

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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Best Practices

To make it easier to target the dynamic lighting boundaries try to zoom in as far as possible.
When making Dynamic Lighting boundary lines use thicker lines, and lines that are in contrast to the map layer. ( I suggest red, blue, or bright green).

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