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Where to find the Builder


The Homebrew Builder, which can be found under Utilities in the navigation bar, allows users to make their own homebrew in a quick and easy way. Currently the builder only supports the creation of spells and creatures, but this could be expanded in the future.

The builder will show a preview of your brew, so you can check that everything is correct. Most parts of the Builder are self-explanatory, and those that might be confusing will have a tooltip that shows up if you leave the cursor over them. The best way to learn is to simply try the Builder – fill and change fields, experiment with all the different options.


The first thing you will see when entering the builder for the first time is the "Add a Homebrew Source" screen. As the name implies, here you will define a new source for your homebrew (with its title, abbreviation, author etc.).

Another posibility is to use an already existing source. This way, you will be adding or modifying an already existing file. NOTE that this option will only show if a homebrew file is already loaded on the website. For more information on how to do this, see Homebrew Manager

Creating a spell/monster

When the entry has unsaved changes, the icon will show an asterisk

This is where you let your imagination fly! Each entry is divided in different tabs to make the building process easier. It is important to note that no field is strictly required (yes, not even the name), so if you are not sure whether your Goblin Spectre should be CR 1/8 or 1/4, you can always go back and edit the entry.

Whenever you want to save your work, you will find the button to do so at the bottom of the page. This will make the entry you are working on appear on the sidebar.

IMPORTANT To start a new entry, you need to click the "Reset" button at the bottom. Otherwise, you will be overwriting the same entry all the time.

Menu Sidebar Hamburger.png

To make the sidebar appear, hover the left side of the page with your mouse.

The sidebar is where you can see all the entries of the source you are working on. It has the following functions:

The Sidebar in Creature mode


  • Here you can switch between spell and creature modes, allowing you to build the thing you want.


  • All the different homebrew sources that are loaded on the website. Select the one you want to modify.

Edit Selected Source

  • Change the selected source's metadata, such as the title, abbreviation, author etc.

Add New Source

  • Brings you back to the "Add a Homebrew Source" screen, letting you create a new one.

Load an Existing Creature

  • You can load a creature from both the official books or loaded homebrew. It will show in the list of entries, and be ready to be edited. Useful for when you want to create something that is a modification of something that already exists, or to check how certain information is handled in the builder.

Download Creatures/Spells as JSON

  • This will give you a ready-to-share JSON file that contains all the creatures or spells that you worked on. If you have both creatures and spells it will NOT download both. If you want them together in one file, you will have to dowload them separately and join them yourself.

List of Entries

  • The list of all the different entries from the selected source. The buttons on each entry, from left to right:
    1. Get the entry in the builder, so you can edit it.
    2. Duplicate the entry, view its JSON as a popup or dowload it as a standalone file.
    3. Delete the entry. Will ask for confirmation.

So you have built your first homebrew... What now?

Nothing! Your homebrew file is ready to be used on the website. The source you have used will appear in the corresponding filters, and its entries will show up in the Omnisearch.
However, note that all the homebrew you build is simply held locally in your web browser's cache. This means that if you visit the website through a different browser or in incognito mode, it will not show up. This also means that if you erase your cache, the file will dissappear.

This is why it is VERY advisable to download a copy of the JSON file and save it on your computer. Not only will this make sure that all your hard work does not go to waste, it will allow you to share your creations with your friends.

If you want to make it avaliable to any user of the website, consider sharing it in the Homebrew Repository. This has 2 main advantages: you will be able to access your homebrew from anywhere, and it will be kept up to date if the website schema changes. If you do not want to share it publicy, but like the idea of not having to carry it with you, you can also keep it in your own Github repository.

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