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Homebrew Builder

Homebrew Builder exists to help create content for people to use personally, or to help create content for the community.
Currently its limited to:
* tables
* spells (there is a D&D beyond to 5etools converter for such)
* monsters
* some text

what doesn't have a site tool for such
  • items (that's forthcoming)
Nothing yet for:
  • gods
  • deities
  • traps
  • vehicles
  • boons
  • feats
  • races
  • adventures
  • conditions/diseases
and it doesn't with classes/subclasses (not sure it ever will there)

Template:Homebrew Builder(Monster)

Template:Homebrew Builder(Spell)

Instructions (How to use it)

Page Layout


The filter interface is a quick and easy way to break down the results into usable 'chunks' for use.

There are a number of facets that the filter element brings into play on the current page.

FilterButton.PNG - This opens a popup window for advanced filtering features for that section of the website
Website filter.PNG - This collapses the filter source details (the list of red and blue colored sources that appear below the filter element as they are added from the filter popup.
Search.png - Simple text filter. You type in the data you are looking for here and the site attempts to filter by it.
<Results>/<Total Entries> - This gives the specific feedback of
Website filterfeelinglucky.PNG - From the results of your filter, this chooses a random result.
FilterHide.PNG - Removes the entire, left pane (including Filter and Filter's Result's List), making the page collapse into one column.
FilterReset.PNG - Resets the Filters to using RAW sources.

Filtering Sources Guide:
πŸ”΅ FilterBlue.png Blue - Included
πŸ”΄ FilterRed.png Red - Excluded
βšͺ FilterColorless.png Colorless - Ignored

Combine filters as...
And button.PNG - Filter options will require all elements to be presented to the filtered result pane
Show all button.PNG -
Hide all button.PNG -
Reset button.PNG -
FilterSettings.PNG -

AllBLUE button.PNG - Includes All
Clear button.PNG - Clears Selection
NoneRED button.PNG - Excludes All
Default button.PNG - WoTC 1st Party Material + Loaded Homebrew
x28px - Includes things that have This or That
AndBLUE button.PNG - Includes things that have This and That

OrRED button.PNG - Excludes things that have This or That
AndRED button.PNG - Excludes things that have This and That
Hide button.PNG -


The sources will be listed under the Filter element. Depending up the settings used on the Filter setting page.

Specific Filters for this feature

For more information please see the Filter feature page.



  • framless + F - Jump to Omnisearch, so that you can enter or modify it.
  • SPACE - page down

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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Best Practices

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