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The Landing page for the site to promote rapid access (and to help those on mobile devices (NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED) the page has been redesigned.

It also includes some basic review of how to work with the community, and some basic information about BetteR20.

Feature Support

Known Issues

Limited Browser Support
Only the latest desktop versions of Chrome and Firefox are supported. Issues that arrise on older version or other browsers (eg. Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Vivaldi, Brave, Tor, Opera, etc) must be Troubleshot and reproduced on the CURRENT version of either Chrome or Firefox before being submitted. If you cannot reproduce the issue on either of those.
Solution  : Use the current desktop version of Chrome or Firefox

Limited Platform Support
Only a PC/desktop computer is supported for use with the site. Issues that arrise on a mobile (tablet/phone) device need to be confirmed on desktop computer using a support browser.
Solution  : Use a desktop computer.
Unofficial Workaround  : Use an Android device with the most current version of the Chrome browser.

Presentation of the Homepage on mobile is off.
See the FAQ

HomePage old.png
Why did the front page change?
The redesign is, in part, to make the site more usable on tablets/mobile devices.
It's important to state at this time there is no official support for mobile devices and that all reports about failures/complications etc that are mobile-specific will be largely ignored.
HOWEVER, were you to be using mobile, you would be advised to use the most current version of the chrome browser for Android (best), or perhaps iOS (less best), or Firefox for Android or iOS.
Most native browsers for devices are frozen branches from past versions of Chromium or another browser. Which... will fail.
Best Practices

None as yet (Do you have any suggestions?)

Related Features

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If not please check the under Support; Troubleshooting or the Known Issues page for further guidance, or go to the Discord community and leave a comment in the issues channel.

If you enjoy the project, please follow this link to see how you can contribute and help make it even better.