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Foreground layer.gif

Foreground Layer

BetteR20 has introduced the Foreground layer. This creates another layer under which the token and map layers reside, creating the illusion of depth or 


Quick Layer Sidebar.png

The Foreground layer is represented by this icon Layer - Foreground.png

The layer is visible to everyone and things on the Token and Map player will be obscured what is placed upon it. (see the animated video above with the token walking under the tree branches.)

Players cannot interact with the objects upon the layer, and neither can the GM unless they are currently upon the layer.

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Use this for dramatic effect mostly:

  • Giants LOOMING over the players that disappear underneath them
  • Roofs; Chandeliers. archways or huge statues. 

Placing items on the Foreground allows for tokens that players see, but whose initiative will not show on the turn tracker.

  • Helpful for legendary creatures with lair actions/traps
  • Tokens who don't need to show up on the turn tracker. Things that are going to betray/animate to attack later.

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