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Filter Controls labeled.PNG

1️⃣ Perhaps the best feature of the entire site is the ease of which the data as it grows can be sort and presented. This is handled through the Filter.

On most of the pages, we have filters. By default, we include and/or exclude certain things. The filter will include anything that's blue and exclude anything that's red. For example, if you want to see all spells from Xanathar's Guide to Everything that a Warlock can use but can't be used by a Wizard then you need to have "Xanathar's Guide to Everything" and "Warlock" in blue and "Wizard" in red - when you're in the Filter drop-down clicking an icon cycles the color from white (it doesn't matter either way) to blue (include these things) to red (exclude these things). If you get lost then simply click the Reset button and the filtering will go back to the default for that page.

2️⃣ Collapse Filter

Website filter.PNG If you want to collapse the filter section's larger display of the filtered components to save display area for the results, click on the icon to collapse it. See Video.

3️⃣ Search

Search.pngThe search field is a search of the current results. Like Omnisearch, it doesn't search the description text within each entry, but rather the title and types (effectively the columns).

4️⃣ Filter Statistics

Represented by the numbers in the <Results> / <Total Entries> format at the right side of the search field.
<Result> - The total number of results that results from the filter's effects
<Total Entries> - this includes the total possible items from which the filter is working from all included results.
In the video example, the Results are 0 for that rather complicated filter list, from the Total Entries value of a possible 4974 creatures. Which results in the 0/4974 displayed.

5️⃣ Feeling Lucky

Website feelinglucky.PNG
This will return a single random result from current Results of the filtered diplayed options.
This feature is helpful for making a random encounter, random spell scroll, magic item choice etc.
Feeling Lucky is most often a tool for DM's to generate a random result from their narrowed set of wished possible pool of results.
Example: The DM wishes to give the players a scroll, and the party is a bit... well... murder hobo-ish, so (s)he removes evocation spells from the options and instead focuses upon enchantments and transmutations.


FilterHide.PNG This removes the filter and results pane below the filter bar that allows for navigation to a single entry.
Leaving only the right (information) panel

that details the current selection.


FilterReset.PNG Clicking on this will remove all current filter options, and restore the default filter (which is to include RAW content only)




If you click on the column name in a table then the data in that column is sorted; clicking on it again will reverse the sort direction. Where possible, we've tried to be logical about the sorting, e.g. Self then touch then various distances then Unlimited and Special at the far end; some of the sorting is still work-in-progress - if you have any good ideas on how to improve it please let us know, e.g. sorting by Ability in Feats.

Filtering Sources Guide:

🔵 FilterBlue.png Blue - Included
🔴 FilterRed.png Red - Excluded
FilterColorless.png Colorless - Ignored

All - Includes All
None - Excludes All
Default - WoTC 1st Party Material + Loaded Homebrew
Clear - Clears Selection

Blue OR - Includes things that have This or That
Blue AND - Includes things that have This and That
Red OR - Excludes things that have This or That
Red AND - Excludes things that have This and That
Tip: Click OR / AND to cycle between them

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