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Website Bestiary Encounter Builder.png

Encounter Builder

This is (effectively) a localized version of the Kobold Fight Club (yip yip), it has however improves upon it as it includes more creatures/options and some customized scaling, and Giddy's own patented filter farm.

Feature/Formatting Requirements (if any)

This is a fixed feature, it doesn't modify or update with 

Instructional Walkthrough (How to get to it , & use it)

  • Go to References
  • Select Bestiary 
  • At the bottom of any monster, 
  • Click on the Green Encounter Builder button.Website EncounterBuilderButton.PNG
  • The right panel will change to the familiar Encounter Builder

Website Bestiary Encounter Builder basic interface NUMBERED.png

  1. Group Info: 
    Choose the number of player & NPC characters in the party and their level.
  2. Random Difficulty
    Choose the level of difficulty and system will determine (from defined/filtered list of creatures) what would be attacking
    Website Bestiary Encounter Builder Bestiary.PNG
  3. Experience Budget
    If you are not familiar the DMG gives an allotment amount of how many encounters/how much threat is functionally within the constraints of the designed mechanics for a single day. Based off the number of players, their levels (see note) - that value will alter and you can then use that to 'budget' the expected encounters between long rests.
  4. (The Left Panel)  List of Creatures
    You may specify specific creatures you wish to make sure are part of the fight (and quantities of such) and the encounter builder will judge its lethality
  5. Encounter List
    After allowing for random generation of the encounter (see #2) or by choosing from the List of creatures. The top of the section will enumerate the creatures in the encounter, their number and CR - so that you can modify their threat dynamically. 
    NOTE: Hovering over the statblock link will bring up an iLayer that will have the creature's stat block (attributes, abilities, traits etc) 


Character level - is somewhat subjective, if you are using non-RAW classes, or the Party possesses more magical items then the DMG suggests for their level - you may need to increase the characters' levels to make encounters that are equally challenging.

Likewise, if the party is less powerful than what in the DMG would be considered standard for the party. (ie. Stripped of armor, being held in a Silence or Anti-magic field ) The Party's Effectively level should be reduced.

Website Bestiary Encounter Builder complete.PNG
  1. Difficulty Rating
  2. Experience Value 
  3. Storing the List
    Website Bestiary Encounter Builder save.PNG
    You have the option of saving them for later use, or use on another computer.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

Looks like its perfect... (Did we miss anything?)


Why don't low CR Creatures effect the Threat Value of Encounters I build?

Per the DMG, When the Party's average level/threat potential is significantly higher, creatures of CRS under certain ratio to the player's average threat are not to be factored into the encounter.
YES, Kobold Fight Club does NOT do that. YES, that seems odd. IT IS HOWEVER; the actual rules of the DMG.

Best Practices

None as yet (Do you have any suggestions?)

🚧 Still being documented.

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