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Dynamic Lighting


This allows for you to have use of the Dynamic Lighting feature while having a free subscription service. Dynamic Lighting is a combination of limiting what the player's character's can see, and limiting and limiting movement upon the map.


If the DM/GM of the game does not have a subscription, then in order for the player's to see the DM's dynamic lighting configurations, all the players in the session must run the script.

GM: (if running the Script)
  • Must have Dynamic Lighting πŸ—Ή Enabled on the Map's Page Settings.


  • Must have the script running
  • Must have a character token on the map they have control of with
πŸ—Ή Has Sight is marked, and either
πŸ—ΉEmits Light marked, or
another token within line of sight that Emits Light and has πŸ—Ή All Players See Light marked.

Walkthrough (How to use it)

The feature is enabled by default when the script is running.
It is not needed if the user that created the game is Pro or Plus level subscription as those games will automatically have Dynamic Lighting already and so the players will not need to run the script to experience dynamic lighting.
There are a number of guides on how to configure and use Dynamic Lighting.
As a gross overview of the relevant settings:...

Tokens :

(in Settings β†¦ Advanced)

Page Settings (Map)

(Page Toolbar β†¦ Page Settings)

Fog of War

 Enabled - Effectively a blackout screen which the GM reveals piece by piece through drawing tools.

Advanced Fog of War

Enabled - toggles the Advanced Fog of War on or off
  • Show Grid -
  • Dim Light Reveals -

Dynamic Lightning

Enabled - toggles the Dynamic Light Feature on or off.
  • Enforce Line of Sight - The line work as sight boundaries that prevent Token's relative 'sight' from penetrating.
  • Only Update on Drop -  The Token's vision doesn't reveal any new map content until the token ends its movement. Turning this feature reduces the processing power needed to render the map.
  • Restrict Movement - The token cannot be moved by its player past or into a boundary defined on the dynamic light layer.
  • Global Illumination - The Entire Map & Token Layers of the Page are exposed, regardless of light sources or boundaries. This really only has value when paired with Restrict Moment.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations


Unless players are using the script, the players cannot This is one of the features that doesn't work unless the players are running the script.
Work Around:
have the players run the script; or upgrade to a paid subscription
Or get Foundry. It works.


Why are my player's seeing the map when I've set dynamic lighting on?
This is most often because your player(s) are not running the script.

Why can't a player see anything
Most often because the don't have a token that has light/vision defined.
Work Around:
Go into the token settings and confirm the player's token is controllable by the player in question and that it has vision (see Set Light).

Best Practices

None as yet (Do you have any suggestions?)

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