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Dice Roller

At the bottom of most pages, there will be this icon RollerButton.png. When it is clicked (as the animation shows) it will open a small window which can be used to either roll, or return the results of actions triggered by clicking other elements of the site. (usually triggered by a link on the page that most often look like 2d10 this. (There are some instructions on how to do this within the JSON data in the Renderer Demo should you want to enable this for your own documents - see Homebrew.

Instructions (How to use it)

The roller uses the common format for dice rolling (that being <a>d<X> where <a> is the number of dice rolled <X> number of times. The results of the roll(s) is(are) presented to the roller window with separate entries and then the sum of the rolls are calculated as well.

<text>: <formula>
Anything before a colon is treated as a label (ie Fireball: 4d6) will result in
fireball: # ([die_result1]+[die_result2]+[die_result3]+[die_result4])
Where <a> = number of time to roll and <X> is the number of sides of the die(ce)
or more accurately -- generate a random number between 1 and <X>; <a> number of times.
(ie 3d6 rolls a 6 sided die 3 times; a d20 will return a single resulting random number between 1 and 20
Optional Parameters
Drop highest; The results will drop the highest results <x> number of times
eg. 8d6dh2 would return 8 roll results which removes the 2 highest rolls.
Drop lowest; The results will drop the lowest results <x> number of times
eg. 8d6dl2 would return 8 roll results which removes the 2 lowest rolls.
/macro <option> <name> <roll_formula>
Optional Parameters
/macro add <name> <roll_formula>
Creates (or updates) a macro designated with <name> parameter, to be equal to <roll_forumula>
eg. /macro add Sneak_attack 2d20+2+2
/macro list
Lists the current macros
returns the following
Drop highest (2d4dh1) and lowest (4d6dl1) are supported.
Up and down arrow keys cycle input history.
Anything before a colon is treated as a label (Fireball: 8d6)
Use /macro list to list saved macros.
Use /macro add myName 1d2+3 to add (or update) a macro. Macro names should not contain spaces or hashes.
Use /macro remove myName to remove a macro.
Use #myName to roll a macro.
Use /clear to clear the roller.



⬆️ and ⬇️ scroll up and down the roller's window's contents

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