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Token Status Overlay Expansion.gif

Custom Token Status Icons


THIS FEATURE WAS REMOVED IN 1.16.16 as Roll20 created a native version of the options.

UPDATE: The Token status icons and notation have been expanded with more status icons and the ability to use non-numerical values to label the status icon overlays.

Instructions (How to use it)

Custom Status Icons set.png

This Feature can be turned off in the Tokens tab of the Config Editor.

By default the status overlay button rolls out a menu that gives you a series of colored dots, a red X and about 40 different status icons that overlays over the Token image. You can use these to show status, ailments, or to differentiate multiples of the same Token type. You can have multiple Overlays displaying simultaneously.
This feature adds numerous additional status overlays.

You can also add a alpha-numeric characters to individual Overlays by mousing over the desired Overlay in the rollout menu and tapping "0" through to "9" or "A" through "Z" on the keyboard or numpad. (see video above). A red numeral will appear on the Overlay, the Overlay remains until it is clicked again in the menu).
The default position for the overlays is across the top of the token, but you can choose to have them run along the bottom, right or left side by going to the "Token Bar Colors + Display Settings" section on the My Settings tab on the Sidebar and selecting the layout from the "Marker Position:" drop-down menu, or from the Character Token Editor.

While no specific designation exists for each icon, the following are the internal designations for the status icons. The graph below is provided for you to cut and paste or print off for you to use in planning for your adventure's rules and resources.

Status Icons list
Icon Name Use
noframes Red
noframes Blue
noframes Green
noframes Brown
noframes Purple
noframes Pink
noframes Yellow
x25px Dead
noframes Skull
noframes Sleepy
noframes Half-Heart
noframes Heat-Haze
noframes Interdiction
noframes Snail
noframes Lightning-Helix
noframes Spanner
noframes Chained-Heart
noframes Chemical-Bolt
noframes Death-Zone
noframes Drink-Me
noframes Edge-Crack
noframes Ninja-Mask
noframes Stopwatch
noframes Fishing-Net
noframes Overdrive
noframes Strong
noframes Fist
noframes Padlock
noframes Three-Leaves
noframes Fluffy-Wing
noframes Pummeled
noframes Tread
noframes Arrowed
noframes Aura
noframes Back-Pain
noframes Black-Flag
noframes Bleeding-Eye
noframes Bolt-Shield
noframes Broken-Heart
noframes Cobweb
noframes Broken-Shield
noframes Flying-Flag
noframes Radioactive
noframes Trophy
noframes Broken-Skull
noframes Frozen-Orb
noframes Rolling-Bomb
noframes White-Tower
noframes Grab
noframes Screaming
noframes Grenade
noframes Sentry-Gun
noframes All-For-One
noframes Angel-Outfit
noframes Archery-Target
noframes Crags
noframes At-Sea
noframes Falling
noframes Wingfoot
noframes Juggler
noframes Stone-Pile
noframes Grab
noframes Giant
noframes Hand
noframes Drop-Weapon
noframes Magic-Swirl
noframes Sprint
noframes Acrobatic
noframes Magnifying-Glass
noframes Music-Spell
noframes One-Eyed
noframes Smitten
noframes Elf-Ear
noframes Sharp-Smile
noframes Internal-Injury
noframes Invisible
noframes Deathcab
noframes Telepathy
noframes Fire-Silhouette
noframes Coma
noframes Imprisoned
noframes Hidden 
noframes Worried-Eyes
noframes Eye-Shield
noframes Warlock-Eye
noframes Broken-Shield
noframes Cracked-Shield
noframes Shield
noframes Think
noframes Awareness
noframes Hearing-Disabled
noframes Enrage
noframes Magnet
noframes Spectre
noframes Amputation
noframes Torch
noframes Gravestone
noframes Body-Swapping
noframes Fat
noframes Suckered-Tentacle
noframes Goat
noframes Frog-Prince
noframes Bubbles
noframes Transform
noframes Portal
noframes Snatch

Icons are from Game-Icons.net

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations


This feature appears to be broken. It has been reported, but no ETA for a fix (or even if it will be fixed) has been discussed.


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Best Practices

None as yet (Do you have any suggestions?)

You may use your own SVG files to replace the Status Icons provided with different ones. Look in the Tampermonkey script for
"statusSheetUrl": {
	"name": `Custom Status Spritesheet Url (<a style="color: blue" href="https://app.roll20.net/images/statussheet.png" target="_blank">Original</a>)`,
	"default": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TheGiddyLimit/5etoolsR20/master/img/statussheet.png",
	"_type": "String"
"statusSheetSmallUrl": {
	"name": `Custom Status Spritesheet (Small) Url (<a style="color: blue" href="https://app.roll20.net/images/statussheet_small.png" target="_blank">Original</a>)`,
	"default": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TheGiddyLimit/5etoolsR20/master/img/statussheet_small.png",
	"_type": "String"
replace "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TheGiddyLimit/5etoolsR20/master/img/statussheet_small.png" and "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TheGiddyLimit/5etoolsR20/master/img/statussheet.png" with the URL for your customized status icons. (using the prior sheets for reference on dimensions and relative positions).

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