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If you are looking for help deciding what class you'd like to become or a comparative summary of each...

Choose the class from the Filtered results, then the subclass (under the class table) and... you're set.

Instructions (How to use it)

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Screen classes labeled.png

Website toolbar.PNG

The Navbar appears atop of most of the features of the site and helps quickly navigate between its features.
The bar shifts to include the current page's title and some specific advice for its use, and link to the wiki for the site's feature(s).

Navbar Options

The filter interface is a quick and easy way to break down the results into usable 'chunks' for use.

There are a number of facets that the filter element brings into play on the current page.

FilterButton.PNG - This opens a popup window for advanced filtering features for that section of the website
Website filter.PNG - This collapses the filter source details (the list of red and blue colored sources that appear below the filter element as they are added from the filter popup.
Search.png - Simple text filter. You type in the data you are looking for here and the site attempts to filter by it.
<Results>/<Total Entries> - This gives the specific feedback of
Website filterfeelinglucky.PNG - From the results of your filter, this chooses a random result.
FilterHide.PNG - Removes the entire, left pane (including Filter and Filter's Result's List), making the page collapse into one column.
FilterReset.PNG - Resets the Filters to using RAW sources.

Filtering Sources Guide:
πŸ”΅ FilterBlue.png Blue - Included
πŸ”΄ FilterRed.png Red - Excluded
βšͺ FilterColorless.png Colorless - Ignored

Combine filters as...
And button.PNG - Filter options will require all elements to be presented to the filtered result pane
Show all button.PNG -
Hide all button.PNG -
Reset button.PNG -
FilterSettings.PNG -

AllBLUE button.PNG - Includes All
Clear button.PNG - Clears Selection
NoneRED button.PNG - Excludes All
Default button.PNG - WoTC 1st Party Material + Loaded Homebrew
x28px - Includes things that have This or That
AndBLUE button.PNG - Includes things that have This and That

OrRED button.PNG - Excludes things that have This or That
AndRED button.PNG - Excludes things that have This and That
Hide button.PNG -


The sources will be listed under the Filter element. Depending up the settings used on the Filter setting page.

3️⃣ Filter's Result's List
This pane lists a number of columns which can be sorted by clicking upon the column's heading which will then be denoted after the column's title by either FilterResultsAscending.PNG (ascending) or FilterResultsDescending.PNG (descending).
By selecting an entry upon the filter's result list, the panel on the (5️⃣) information pane of the webpage, and will update with the detailed information as it's selected.
You can choose them by either using the mouse to select or using the J or K keys to manually move through the list of options.

4️⃣ Class Stat Block
A brief summary of the class's mechanics. (Hit Dice; Proficiencies; Starting Equipment)
Atop the block are the following buttons
  • framless - Opens a new pane that lists the subclass features next to each other for side by side comparison.
  • framless - opens a new pane that shows the class in one full screen view of the class's features. The screen will have a close button at the bottom left side of the screen, and along the left side the ability to select and remove subclasses.

5️⃣ Class/Subclass Table
If the class has spell casting or special features (like Ki, Rage, Sneak Attack, Psionics etc.) they will appear here, some will only appear after chosing a subclass which has those special features.

6️⃣ Class Table
The traditional Class table listing the features per level.
Each line will have links to the specific features, and the spell headings will have links to the pre filtered lists.

7️⃣ Subclass Selector
This pane allows you to select/filter sources and choose which specific subclass(es) to investigate.

8️⃣ Class Details
The specifics of the class (and subclasses) features in full text.

The roller uses the common format for dice rolling (that being <a>d<X> where <a> is the number of dice rolled <X> number of times. The results of the roll(s) is(are) presented to the roller window with separate entries and then the sum of the rolls are calculated as well.

For a detailed description of the feature please see the 🎲 Dice Roller page.



  • framless - Locks open a popup window
  • F - Find. This will immediatly move the focus to the Filter's Search field
  • J or K - Navigate Rows up and back
  • SPACE - page down

FOR the Popup's Window's UI framless
framless - Open the webpage for that content.
framless - In a new window, open the current content.
framless - close the the locked popup window.

  • framless - Opens a new pane that lists the subclass features next to each other for side by side comparison.
  • framless - opens a new pane that shows the class in one full screen view of the class's features.

For Subclass Filter/chooser
  • framless - toggles the presentation of the content of the class features description
  • framless - Choose Offical Sources only
  • framless - Includes all sources Homebrew and Offical
  • framless -

FOR Outline
  • framless or framless - Collapse and expand the content to the class feature listing table of contents

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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Best Practices

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