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Character Sheet

A character sheet for use with the 5eTools dataset.

Instructions (How to use it)

🚧 Still being documented.
It will be released in closed Beta for Patreons members.

Character Creation

The following outlines how create a character with the character creation tool.


Navigate to the Race field and Select a Race from the popup UI


Navigate to the Race field and Select a Race from the popup UI


Navigate to the Background field and Select a Background from the popup UI; the resulting Personally Trait; Ideal; Bond; Flaw can be chosen or rolled.


Choose the skills appropriate for your Class and Background; there are three options "Proficient" (adds your proficiency bonus); "Expertise" (adds doubles your proficiency bonus); "Jack of all Trades" (adds half or your proficiency bonus (rounding down))

Determine your Ability Scores

You now can assign your attribute scores (which will be modified by your Racial bonuses).
  • Hit Points can now be assigned.

Choose Equipment

Your Class and Background will largely populate your equipment with what you start with, but you may use the money you have to purchase additional items. (Please note: Check with your DM on what you are allowed to purchase.)

Setup the attacks/Choose Spells

Click on the weapon/attacks and confirm their bonuses and that they are functional and generate results in line with your feats/abilities/class options.
If you are rogue you'll want to create a Sneak Damage type.

Feature Support

Known Issues
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Best Practices
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🚧 Still being documented.

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