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VTTes/R20es v1.20.00


Bulk Macros

This allows you to initiate a macro-based of multiply tokens selected.

Instructions(What it does)

  • Choose to either click and drag (elastic select) or by using Shift+click or Ctlr+Click to select multiple tokens
  • Right mouse click and bring up the Right Mouse Token menu.
  • Select Bulk Macro
  • The macro select UI will be opened.
Choose from it which you wish to use.
  • Ability Check
  • Skill Check
  • Saving
  • GM Initative
  • Ability Score
  • Dice (d4; d6; d8; d10; d20; d100)
  • Hit-Location
  • Direction

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

This feature is limited to working when selecting Tokens that are attached to the same character sheet; ie if you pull 10 goblins then you can select all 10 goblins and use the Roll Bulk Macros.

But if you added a different creature (say a Goblin Shaman) you'll not be able to include it to make a Bulk Macro Roll)


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Best Practices

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