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PLEASE NOTE: Roll20 Enhancement Suite (aka VTT es/ R20es), is not part of BetteR20 or 5eTools. However; as BetteR20 installation is enhanced/simplified by already having VTT es/R20es installed, this Wiki covers its content to (HOPEFULLY) prevent BetteR20 users from requesting help on BetteR20 issues on the VTTes/R20es Discord server or other platforms (Reddit/Roll20.net Forum, etc).

VTTes/R20es v1.20.00

Auto Open on Initiative

Automatically opens the turn tracker when somebody rolls initiative.
This is DM only

VTTes Configuration (How to make it do 'stuff')

In Roll20, click the sidetoolbar's R20Settings.PNG, and if VTTes/R20es is loaded properly (see Installation Guide) you will see the buttons for VTTes Tools and VTTes Settings.
  • Click upon VTTes Settings and then under Initative select the feature's name. To set the delay for the Tracker after initiative is rolled.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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Best Practices

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