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Importing (Worlds)

This the subsection from the general feature Importing Content.
While Adventures are a collection of Journal/Notes; Monsters; Items; Rollable Tables from the 5e.tools website's point of view, in Foundry there are not any "Adventures" there are worlds; and there modules.
WORLDS are a full campaign of content; including macros; journals; items; music; system settings and yes - maps (scenes) that are fulling defined with walls, light sources, sound events etc.
MODULES (in this instance) are packages in which the Compandia (plural form of Compendium) for one or more adventure can be stored. There is a discussion on what benefits there are for this elsewhere in the User Guide; but for our purposes the Modules of an adventure is reference book version of the adventure; broken into logical units but not easily read through. Its a way of containing and transferring content into an existing world.


(For your purposes, the Packages differ from Import Adventures in that there are different options in packages (variant copies of adventures, adventures that are not currently in 5eTools, and modules.)

Instructions (How to use it)

  • From the Tabletop you'll want to make sure you are in one of the following:
Journal Entries
This will bring up the Import Wizard


1. Choose Importer

Pick the type of content you want to import. (In this case Worlds/Modules)

Adventure and then World/Modules
ImportAdventureWorld Module.png
and in that pane select either World or Module (for this walkthrough we'll assume you're importing the world version).

Choose the world
Click Import
Wait a bit. (I know this is vague, but ... depends upon your internet speed, size of the world etc.) Typically less than 10 minutes

To see the newly imported world, you can either browse the /data/worlds/ directory through a File Browser or
Go to the Foundry Configuration and Setup screen (app) and look in the "worlds" section. (If the module or World is not listed you may have to force Foundry to have it update its index - easiest way is to restart the foundry session, but you can force a restart within Foundry as well (and those that know how, feel free to do that - for simplicity sake, this wiki will not discuss that)

(In the future.... this will change to installation via manifest URLS and access to installation via UI for for the Compendia)

2. Running a World

Imported worlds run just like a normal world. You click on them and launch them - as that information is now local; feel free to modify, update, remove content as you feel fits your campaign.

BE AWARE - Importing worlds does not do ANY validation/checking- so if you import a world you've previously imported, it will overwrite the prior instance; ALSO, you cannot change the directory's name -that will break the world.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

The World/Module I want isn't there or isn't listed anymore

yes 2021/01/07 - this was done. the worlds were made for 0.6.6 core; Not 0.7.x - while the did "work" there were enough people didn't (don't) read and complained so they were pulled rather than deal with the number of people that couldn't read there was a KNOWN issue around such.
Which is ironic, because this is being posted under a known issue, and I'm sure likely not going to be read either. Ah... irony.

Import doesn't have a success notification

The import process will not provide a visual indicator of a package's successful installation.

This (world/module) importing doesn't work on theForge / Foundyserver.com

Yes. That is correct. Its also against the Terms of Service for theForge to use Plutonium on the service, so... maybe don't?


How do I import a full adventure with maps/scenes/tokens etc?!

That's called a WORLD in Foundry. You would import the world for that adventure.

What worlds can I import? (sotto voce:smartass)

Check here


You follow the instructions here

I get an error when I'm importing a world or module, what can I do to fix it?

That does happen for a few, sorry. If you're one of the few with the problem. That's unfortunate. Seems to be related to certain ISPs.
You report the specifics around your error(s) and hopefully a pattern will emerge so you can use it in the future. But for now, you cannot.
or.... I guess you could try the manifest URL for the world/module from the https://foundry.5e.tools/index.html site

How do I update or upgrade my world to the current version

Take notes about the party's specific current location, on their current scene. What their stats, HP, Experience and attributes are.

(take a screen shot if needed)

Make a backup of the actors and any scenes; actors; tables; macros and items you added.
Check the backup to make sure its a viable copy.
Go into the User directory for the FoundryVTT; into the ./Data/Worlds/<world_abbreviation*>/Data directory and make a copy of (if they are there) combat.db; users.db; fog.db; chat.db; sessions.db; macro.db;
Install the update (this will overwrite your world - this SHOULDN'T replace or overwrite the Chat; Users data; Session logs; and Fog of war/explored regions - but it might, (hence that last backup) [NOTE THAT FOR 0.7.5+ core updating will erase your fog of war, and restoring that file will not restore that, 0.7.5+ is a breaking change for prior fog of war)
Restore the actors, journal; items; tables; macros; scenes you added to the world.
Test the world
Replace the character tokens to where they were before. Modifying other actor tokens that were already defeated; fled or were injured.

(if Chat; Users data; Session logs; and Fog of war/explored regions were not maintained - report that, and restore your copies of such back into the directory.)

NOTE: The following worlds have changed their internal names, so when you "update" them, you'll be making a NEW world/module.
Current Name (prior name)
humblewood (aitw)
saf (tsocr)
stss (hftt) 
ootw (oow)
tfyp-atg (tftyp-atg )
tfyp-dit (tftyp-dit )
tfyp-tfof (tftyp-tfof)
tfyp-thsot (tftyp-thsot)
tfyp-toh (tftyp-toh )
tfyp-tsc (tftyp-tsc)
tfyp-wpm (tftyp-wpm )

How to I update my world myself to avoid all that?

Follow the conversion guide's steps for updating that world's level of function.
Best Practices

None as yet (Do you have any suggestions?)

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