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Importing (Conditions & Diseases)

This the subsection from the general feature Importing Content.
Adventures are a collection of Journal/Notes; Monsters; Items; Rollable Tables - but not whole scenes and their dynamic lighting/sounds/tokens and their locations.

Instructions (How to use it)

  • From the Tabletop you'll want to make sure you are in one of the following:
Journal Entries
This will bring up the Import Wizard


1. Choose Importer

Pick the type of content you want to import. (In this case )

2. Choose Source

Select the source of the content you want to import. They are coded by these symbols:
D&D Raw Icon.png - WoTC content; Core Rules; Supplements; Unearthed Arcana; Official AL (Extra Life) content; or from Offical WoTC Stream
ActorIcon.png - These are the custom solutions; a specific direct link URL; or local compatible JSON file.
BrewMugIcon.png - Homebrew content maintained at the Homebrew Repository
There can be a lot of content there, so there is a copy of the Filter system to help find a source. You can use Rivet to bypass some of this

3 Configure and Import

  • If you chose the "ActorIcon.png Custom URL" option as a source, here's where you would link the file you want to import from.
  • Keep Window Open - Can be toggled to choose if the Wizard stays open once you open the importer proper;
  • Importinto.png - With this import, you can choose to import into a folder (the world) or directly into a compendium. Here is a discussion of the reasons for either choice.
  • Folder Path: - Determines the folder in which the content will end up in. By default, it will create a folder, but you can change its name, add deeper folderization, or choose an existing folder.

Click Import to begin the importing.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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Best Practices

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