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Importing (Background)

This the subsection from the general feature Importing Content.
Adventures are a collection of Journal/Notes; Monsters; Items; Rollable Tables - but not whole scenes and their dynamic lighting/sounds/tokens and their locations.

Instructions (How to use it)

Actor Import.png
  • From a sheet (Actor) you'll want to click the Import Button or the three dots which will bring up ScienceIcon.png Plutonium Import or ScienceIcon.pngImport (if using Streamer Mode)
This will bring up the Import Wizard

  • From the Tabletop you'll want to make sure you are in one of the following:
Journal Entries
This will bring up the Import Wizard


1. Choose Importer

Pick the type of content you want to import. (In this case Background)

2. Choose Source

Select the source of the content you want to import. They are coded by these symbols:
D&D Raw Icon.png - WoTC content; Core Rules; Supplements; Unearthed Arcana; Official AL (Extra Life) content; or from Offical WoTC Stream
ActorIcon.png - These are the custom solutions; a specific direct link URL; or local compatible JSON file.
BrewMugIcon.png - Homebrew content maintained at the Homebrew Repository
There can be a lot of content there, so there is a copy of the Filter system to help find a source. You can use Rivet to bypass some of this

3 Configure and Import

  • If you chose the "ActorIcon.png Custom URL" option as a source, here's where you would link the file you want to import from.
  • Keep Window Open - Can be toggled to choose if the Wizard stays open once you open the importer proper;
  • Importinto.png - With this import, you can choose to import into a folder (the world) or directly into a compendium. Here is a discussion of the reasons for either choice.
  • Folder Path: - Determines the folder in which the content will end up in. By default, it will create a folder, but you can change its name, add deeper folderization, or choose an existing folder.

The various Categories within the Background are listed. Where you can Modify options on what gets imported; and where those will be placed.

Click Import to begin the importing.

Feature Support

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Best Practices

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