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This feature is in alpha Testing.

Instructions(How to use it)

From the Actor/Character Sheet choose the menu button and then the Charactermancer feature.
A panel of possible sources to pull from opens up to select which sources you own and wish to use.
Choose the sources you plan to use (since build 10 you can use the Homebrew Sources as well (see Homebrew for how to create your own classes; races; feats; items; etc)
Click Confirm and then the Charactermancer Menu will open.

From there choose a tab and progress (Class; Race; Abilities; Background; Starting Equipment or Equipment Shop; Spells; and Feats). At anytime you can Finalize your character and have Charactermancer update your sheet.


Choose a class and subclass from the pull list. (click the filter button to limit options as needed)
After which your class's specific features may require some choices on skills which you can do there, the details of the class are shown there for you to review before proceeding
Click Next to Proceed


Click to open and select from the pull list which Race/Subrace you wish to use. (click the filter button to limit options as needed)
The Race and its specific information will be presented.
Click Next to Proceed


Choose Abilities.
Three options will appear to the left of the charactermancer window, choose from which method you'd like to use (this wiki will not cover the methodologies in any depth, refer to the rules for explanations around each).
  • Roll Have the system roll stats which you then assign.
  • Standard Array You assign the Matrix
  • Point Buy
  • Manual
This system does not limit people from making mistakes. (IE you can "overspend" or change the point buy initial pool of value of the charactersheets). The DM will still need to approve and review sheets. It also doesn't lock you into a specific set of rules. DM oversight is still suggested.
Click Next to Proceed


Click to open and select from the pull list which Background you wish to view/use.
You can then check the options for the background (for Languages, Skills)
Additionally, the characteristics can be chosen or rolled.
Click Next to Proceed

Starting Equipment

Atop this page it gives the option to either roll for staring gold (which will move you to the Equipment Shop) or Manual entry of Gold - which will again move to the Equipment Shop.
Otherwise, each option will have an A, B (sometimes C,D...) option with a button next to it

Click Next to Proceed

Equipment Shop

Your character may have some money. If so the Equipment Shop lists ALL THE ITEMS with costs.
Which is very nice, clicking upon the arrow will add the item to the shopping cart, where you can increment the number of them you're purchasing, decrease their number or just remove them.
'JUST BECAUSE ITS ON THE LIST DOES NOT MEAN YOUR DM WILL ALLOW YOU TO BUY IT/THEM Note the item, its source and then Check with your DM for permission.

Click Next to Proceed


If your character has spells, you now can choose which ones from your available spell options, and as many as your class allows for that class/level/background (or feat)
Click the spell you want to learn/prepare and once your available memorization/slots are filled you will no longer be able to choose additional spells.

Click Next to Proceed


Choose a feat from the list, if the feat grants the choice between learning or increasing proficiency between different skills, or between enhancing attributes. You will be prompted to make a choice.

Review your choices and click Finalize to fillout the charactersheet.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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Best Practices

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