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VTTes/R20es v1.15.38


1.15.26 - Chrome Update Checker & Some Tweaks

  • Add an update checker for Chrome which will post a message in chat when a new update is out.
  • Uh Oh: Update the problem popup with some new updated troubleshooting directions.
  • Settings: Fix gray-ish description text color.
  • About: Tweak formatting

1.15.25 - Token Status Display Adjustments fix 2

  • Token Status Display Adjustments: Fix it not initializing on player sessions (thanks Halvralf and HeadsetRuler for the report!)


1.15.24 - Token Status Display Adjustments fix

  • Token Status Display Adjustments: Fix it from being broken (thanks Kendros for the report!)

1.15.23 - Macro Generator Fix

  • Macro Generator: Fix NPC trait and reaction macro descriptions (thanks Rimane for the report!)

1.15.22 - LibreAudio Fix

  • LibreAudio: fixed audio playback not working as of 2020-03-31


1.15.21 - January 21st Roll20 Fix

  • Animated Backgrounds: Fix broken zooming due to the January 21st Roll20 update.

1.15.19 - Small Tweak

  • MacroIO: Add ability to overwrite first macro with same name (courtesy of gludington)

1.15.18 - Don't reboot it just patch

  • Animated Backgrounds: deal with the Roll20 zoom update/rollback.

1.15.17 - November 5th Roll20 Fix

  • Animated Backgrounds: Fix broken zooming due to Nov 5th Roll20 update

1.15.15 - Quick Fix

  • Animated Background Layer: Fix a case where the animated backgrounds would potentially not play at startup.

1.15.14 - Animated Background CTRL+L Fix

  • Animated Background Layer: Fix issues with CTRL+L.
  • Animated Background Layer: Preperation for some fun stuff.
  • Updated contributors

1.15.13 - Animated Background Zoom Fix

  • Animated Background Layer: Fix improper scaling due to zoom (thank you, Ackerfe for the report!)

1.15.12 - Small Tweaks

  • Alternative Radial Menu: Respect token rotation
  • Animated Background: Add History Dropdown (suggested by Axecleft, thank you!)

1.15.11 - Fix Another Roll20 Update

  • Animated Background: Fixed the icon not appearing

1.15.10 - Bug Fixes & Small Improvement

  • Animated Background: Fixed the icon not appearing
  • Animated Background: Added an valid/invalid URL indicator for video URLs.
  • Libre Audio: Fix improper disposal of the add track button
  • Chrome: fixed the loading screen being shown for 6e+04 milliseconds

1.15.9 - Enormously Microscopic Bug Fix

  • Fixed a possible issue when rendering dialogs


1.7.8 - Animated Background Audio

  • Animated Backgrounds: Add audio support + settings for audio. (thanks Ryan for pointing it out!)

1.7.7 - Night Mode Deprecation

  • NightMode is being phased out in favor of Red Reign's Dark Theme.
  • Possibly fixed an issue when dragging in an image in the the token editor.
  • Updated contributors

1.7.6 - Pagliacci

  • Added experimental Opera support

1.7.5 - Critical Fix

  • Fixed a critical bug that prevented the extension & similar tools from working.

1.7.4 - More token editor fixes

  • Fixed token editor not properly setting name and represents id
  • Token editor no longer sets current bar values for default tokens.

1.7.3 - Token editor fix

  • Fixed the token editor repositioning tokens & setting random values (thanks RoscoMcqueen and Melty for the report!)


1.7.1 - Bugfix

  • Text tool settings no longer reflect selected text object properties when the remember text settings module is on. This can be disabled in the settings. (thanks @ Daj for the report!)
  • Fixed changelog invalid media URLs in changelogs
  • Fixed scrolling in the changelog view.

1.7.0 - Animated Backgrounds

  • Added the Animated Backgrounds module.
  • Added the Remember Text Tool Settings module.
  • Update contributors
  • NightMode: remove color reset on sheet containers
  • CharacterTokenModifier: improved styling, added 'set' button for names
  • Fixed DrawCurrentLayer being active when not a GM
  • Fixed size inconsistencies in TokenResize

1.6.0 - Scale Token Names & Auto Initiative Window

  • Added Scale Token Names by Size module
  • Added Auto Open Initiative Tracker module
  • NightMode(5e OGL): fix npc reaction header text color
  • NightMode(5e OGL): fix unreadable text on NPC edit sheets, color adv btn
  • NightMode: tweak brand colors
  • NightMode: add baseStyle config option
  • AlternativePageToolbarMenu: fix rename on empty spans, indent properly

1.5.4 - mode tweak

  • NightMode(5e OGL): fix unreadable text on NPC edit sheets, color adv btn (thanks @ Scrybaby for the report!).
  • NightMode(5e OGL): style character sheet advantage toggle buttons.

1.5.2 - console.log: the update

  • Added a bunch of debug logging to very sensitive and critical sections of Chrome code.
  • Possiblyβ„’ Fixedβ„’ a Bugβ„’ on Chrome

1.5.1 - JukeboxIO Optimization

  • JukeboxIO: optimized importing. It's pretty fr*ck1n f4st. (thanks @ Daj for the report!)

1.5.0 - Jukebox & Tools & Arrow keys

  • Added a tools menu. Can be found in the settings tab.
  • Tools: added bulk roll type setter for the OGL 5e sheet.
  • Added ArrowKeysMoveCanvas: allows moving the canvas camera with arrow keys when there is no default token selected. Try this out with the ruler tool!
  • Added Jukebox playlist importing/exporting.
  • Updated contributors.
  • Fixed NightMode not styling dialog footers
  • Fixed improver error messages when processing an invalid Character.

1.4.1 - Night Mode Tweaks

  • NightMode: added an option for loading the OGL 5E night mode. Should improve compatibility with other sheets.
  • NightMode: added an option for loading the chat message night mode style. Should improve compatibility with character sheets.
  • Lowered extension size (5MiB -> 350KiB!): settings media is no longer packaged with the extension and is now served from the website.

1.4.0 - Night Mode & Fixes

  • Added Night Mode. Enable it in the settings menu.
  • AlternatePageToolbarMenu: clicking on page text switches you to that page. Use right-click to rename the page.
  • Fixed laggy compendiums: be more strict about which URLs are the editor.
  • Fixed Hide Players module being disabled after every load.
  • Fixed possible bugs caused by changing a setting of a disabled module.
  • Fixed TokenResize settings media not being shown (thanks @ Nikolay for the report!).
  • Possibly fixed a possible TokenEditor crash.
  • Update contributors

1.3.4 - I Have 4 Browsers Open: The Update

  • R20ES now runs on Chromium fork browsers and FF 56. They are both on minimal support, meaning stuff will be broken and bug fixes will have lower priority for these platforms.
  • Updated contributors

1.3.3 - Minor Tweaks

  • DrawCurrentLayer: Fix improper drawing when switching to the light layer (thanks @Colorblind for the report).
  • Changelog: Added history up to 1.3.0
  • About: Dropped some names in there.

1.3.2: Bug squasin': πŸ›

TokenEditor: update bar current/max values when linking bar to an attribute.
  • TokenEditor: add a special hint for when the user is not a GM.
  • TokenEditor: replace attribute dropdown with search box that autocompletes.
  • TokenEditor: sort attributes lexicographically (thanks @DoomRice for the report).
  • TokenLayerDrawing: fix improper overlay positioning on mirrored tokens (thanks @DoomRice for the report).
  • New welcome message.
  • Dialog: fix invalid success value when ESCaping out of a dialog.
  • Dialog: improved visuals, sizes.
  • TableIO: add a table repo URL to the paste dialog.