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Plutonium/Rivet Change Log



Plutonium v1.5.0; "Get In" edition

  • Added Vehicle Importer
  • Class Importer now correctly sets hit dice on classes imported to the items directory (although the recommendation is still to use the on-sheet importer, as it has additional functionality)
  • Multiattack Roller now handles additional cases


Plutonium v1.4.2

  • Improved overlay z-index compatibility with Foundry windows, hopefully preventing incorrect window/overlay ordering
  • Improved Class Importer UI for Ability Score Improvements
  • Fixed rare Class importer crash

Plutonium v1.4.1

  • Added option to import Paladin spell list during import
  • Fixed features with optional tool proficiencies failing to import

Plutonium Backend v0.1.5:

  • Fixed scene thumbnails failing to be created when importing images from the Art Browser
  • Fixed image browser failing to recognize selected images on sprites using images imported via the Art Browser

Plutonium v1.4.0; "Online Classes" edition

  • Class Importer:
  • Overhauled to handle new classes data format, including better splitting of text into individual features
  • Added support for choosing from between multiple features (e.g. Fighting Styles)
  • Improved parsing of text to extract extra information, such as durations, dice rolls, action types, and proficiencies
  • Class and Optional Feature importers now pull from Foundry's SRD compendiums (where available) to enhance imported data
  • Added ASI/feat picker when gaining an "Ability Score Improvement" feature
  • Added warning when importing more than 100 entities (as this can severely impact game performance). This warning can be disabled in the config.
  • Added advanced config option to use "local" image files rather than those from the server; note that this requires the contents of the 5etools "image" zip (available from to be present in the module directory
  • Added advanced config option to disable "local" data loading, forcing all data to be loaded from the server, or a custom server URL if one is provided
  • Fixed Race importer not setting token vision
  • Fixed file importer failing to function fruitfully
  • Fixed "quick import" buttons in Importer lists failing when importing homebrew
  • Fixed "Fast Animations" config setting affecting non-token animations, which could subtly break other systems
  • (Hopefully) Fixed BetterRolls support for Multiattack Auto-Roller
  • (Hopefully) Fixed Pop Out failing due to missing CORS headers

Plutonium v1.3.0; "More Buttons" edition

  • Added Popout support to Scene/Item/Journal/Table/Art Browser windows
  • Added "preview" (click and hold) and "import" buttons to Importer lists
  • Improved styling of 5etools hover windows
  • Improved Spell Importer damage parsing, and allowed damage to be specified manually (notably used to improve damage rolls of Magic Missile)
  • Fixed homebrew adventures/books failing to load their linked creatures/etc.
  • Fixed bug where Multiattack Roller would send one message per connected player
  • Journal entries can now be toggled between Text/Image mode when Journal Embeds are enabled (although you have to manually re-open the entry)
  • (Updated compendiums)

Plutonium v1.2.0; "Plutonium For All (Sort-Of)" edition:

  • Plutonium is no longer limited (in its manifest) to the "dnd5e" system, and should successfully load under other systems. While it will still contain all the 5e-specific importers and tools, the system-agnostic tweaks and tools should all work.
  • Added "Directory Deduplicator" tool
  • Added "Vision" section to Bulk Prototype Token Editor
  • Fixed Item Importer handling of Wand of the War Mage and Holy Water
  • Fixed "Display Missing Health" token option breaking under certain conditions
  • Fixed Class Importer crashing when importing subclasses with multiple choices of spell set (e.g. Land Druid)

Get it here: Hopefully this works and we don't run into caching hell, but I'm not holding my breath. Also, integration with the #changelogs Soon™️


Plutonium v1.1.3; "For Real This Time" edition:

  • Restored compatibility with "dark mode" module(s), hopefully
  • Added compatibility with "Mindmap" module
  • Fixed inner windows failing to scroll on Firefox

Get it here:


Plutonium v1.1.2:

  • (Added Mythic Odysseys of Theros files [no compendium update yet])
  • Multiattack roller now detects some additional formats
  • Fixed Creature Importer failing to import Orc War Chief damage


Plutonium v1.0.0; "Finishing Touches" edition:

  • Added search bar to config
  • Added config option to "Display Missing Health" on tokens. This puts a small player-visible number on each token which has taken damage, showing how much health it's missing.
  • Added config option to disable Creature Importer Scale/Rename dialogue
  • Fixed Creature Importer failing to set spellcaster level
  • (Updated compendiums)


Plutonium v0.18.0; "Communist Manifest" edition:

  • Added custom items to all spells (thanks @ Adriannom and all those in the #plutonium-icons channel)
  • Added custom icons to all feats (thanks @ Jinker)
  • Added experimental "Enable Journal Embeds" feature. When enabled, this allows you to rightclick a journal item and set an embedded link (Google Doc, YouTube video, etc.) which is then displayed as an embed in that journal entry. Note that this takes up the entire journal entry; any text which might have been in there will be hidden until you remove the embed (same process, but submit an empty URL field).
  • Multiattack auto-roller now handles a couple of additional formats
  • Fixed Item importer failing when importing to the Items directory
  • Fixed gold component values on imported spells

The manifest file should eventually (ETA unknown) be available here: But until then, get it here: (and see the included README/our wiki for installation instructions)


Rivet v1.2.0: (A browser extension for Chrome(-likes)/Firefox which allows you to one-click import things from a 5etools page, and send 5etools rolls to Foundry. See the README for more.)

[Chrome] Get it here: [Firefox] Get it here:

Note that it may complain about "browser-specific settings" being present, this is expected/harmless



v 0.6.0

Plutonium v0.17.2; "Sweet Release" edition:

  • (Compatibility update for 0.6.0)
  • All Wondrous items are now imported as equipment, if they do not have another non-loot type
  • Items are now imported as tweaked copies of their SRD versions, if available
  • Added support for "Reliable Talent" flag
  • Added experimental Multiattack roller (rolling a "Multiattack" action on a creature now might roll some of its listed attacks)
  • Overhauled localStorage system to use Foundry's built-in "client"-type settings, where possible [note that this will have reset many settings]
  • Improved some 5etools hover window styling, and fixed Foundry-style [[]] tags from appearing within 5etools hover windows
  • Fixed Bulk Prototype Token Editor crashing on attempting to open configuration screen
  • Fixed Races importer crashing on attempting to load homebrew
  • Fixed error on attempting to bring an importer window to front


Plutonium v0.17.1:

  • Fixed "tab name from scene" crashing if there is no active scene

Plutonium v0.17.0; "Digital Crack" edition:

  • (Compatibility update for 0.5.7)
  • Art Browser now opens in "token" mode if opened from the "Basic Controls" sidebar, and "tiles" mode if opened from the "Tile Controls" sidebar
  • Added mode-cycling button to the Art Browser, allowing token/tile/scene mode to quickly be switched between
  • Art Browser now remembers "bad" hosts per-session and will avoid querying them for art (instead immediately using the modded backend/fallback) when drag-dropping
  • Added config option to dynamically name the browser tab after the scene, and add an optional suffix (rather than the usual "Foundry Virtual Tabletop • A Standalone Virtual Tabletop Application")
  • Wondrous items and poisons are now imported to a "Wondrous"/"Poison" folder if folderizing by item type, and no other type info is available
  • Adventure/Book importers now pull rollable tables directly from the text, rather than only those linked from the text
  • Added annoying "disclaimer" whisper message, requiring acknowledgment to prevent it from repeatedly appearing (acknowledgment currently saved per-server, will likely change to per-client eventually)
  • Removed prominent "5etools" labels
  • Fixed trusted players being able to see main importer/etc buttons
  • Fixed file browser crashes on names containing "%"
  • Fixed sheet items (usually, actions of imported creatures) failing to persist in rare cases, and thus disappearing on reload
  • Fixed crash on closing importer UI when parts of it had not completed loading
  • Added backend version number to modded backend display
  • (Updated backend mod to be compatible with Foundry 0.5.7 backend; please upgrade to 0.1.3 as required--also note the updated instructions for applying the mod)


Plutonium v0.16.2:

  • Added earlier permissions check for players attempting to polymorph, immediately denying it with a helpful explanation
  • Added automatic player whisper to GM when attempting to revert a polymorphed actor, with a button prompt allowing the GM to one-click delete the orphaned transformed actor
  • Fixed subclasses failing to import in some cases
  • Fixed case where selected items could remain selected when re-opening an importer

Plutonium v0.16.1:

  • Added workaround for incompatibility with Forge assets manager module
  • Item importer now imports containers as containers
  • Item importer now imports some items (those with bonuses to AC; those matching common equipment names like "belt of...") as "equipment" rather than "loot"


Plutonium v0.16.0; "Interfacial" edition:

  • Importer:
  • Overhauled importer UI
  • Importers may now quickly be selected from a panel, rather than a dropdown
  • Added search and (rudimentary) filtering for sources, and a list display
  • Combined the "folder" and "compendium" import options into one always-visible area
  • Added option to keep the importer list open, allowing e.g. filling out a character's spells then items without re-opening each time
  • Re-opening the same importer list twice in a row should now be much faster
  • Added colors to importer "Source" columns
  • Added config option to set spell "Preparation Mode" when importing
  • Added link to the current archive of converted Roll20 modules (the button next to the Adventure importer)
  • Spell importer now loads targeting information from the SRD where available (as 5etools doesn't have a good representation of much of this data yet)
  • An importer targeting an actor will now auto-close if the actor is deleted
  • Spellcasting progression, skill choice number, and skill choices are now set on class sheet items when importing classes
  • "Always prepared" spells are now imported as "always prepared" when importing classes
  • Fixed Race importer failing to set "Powerful Build" flag; added "Halfling Lucky" and "Savage Attacks" flag support
  • Feat importer now sets "Alert," "Elven Accuracy," and "Observant" flags when importing the appropriate feats
  • Classes importer now sets "Jack of All Trades" and "Remarkable Athlete" flags when importing the appropriate sub/class levels
  • Improved Creature importer
  • Creature spells are now imported as innate/pact as appropriate
  • Lair actions now import with their DCs/damages when available
  • Fixed case where a creature could lose proficiency in its weapons (notably affecting Hobgoblin Warlord)
  • Fixed case where a creature with no CR (notably ERLW's artificer pets) would fail to import their damage rolls
  • Fixed case where a creature with only one total Foundry item on its sheet (e.g. one action, no traits) would crash the importer
  • Added "Polymorpher" tool in actor tools. Allows you to use the Plutonium importing UI to load and polymorph/wild shape directly into the loaded creature
Moved "compact Plutonium header buttons" option to general UI, and re-worked it to generally overhaul of Foundry's button header styling
  • Bulk token editor can now set bars to "None" (i.e. empty)
  • Split "Compact Journal" config options into one option for each directory
  • Moved "hacky" config settings into a new "Experimental" section. You are no longer allowed to complain when these intentionally don't work.
  • Added experimental config option to override source data/image URL
  • Improved layout of Bulk Permissions Editor, ensuring the "creature name" column is always visible when scrolling horizontally
  • Fixed some config dropdowns failing to display their current value
  • (Homebrew) Fixed crashes on missing race size/speed


Plutonium v0.15.0; "Delicious Dogfood" edition

  • Added "Bulk Prototype Token Editor" tool to Actors journal tools, with a handful of options for handling the most common repetitive token-updating tasks (as per my personal experience; ymmv/suggestions appreciated)
  • Creature importer:
  • Weapons wielded by creatures now have additional data pulled in, adding e.g. weight, price, weapon properties, and art (where available)
  • Creatures wearing armor now have this armor added to their sheet
  • Added config option to scale the weight/price of items wielded by larger creatures, based on either the "Barding" rules in the PHB, or on an item from SKT ("Gurt's Greataxe"), these being the only two examples I know of "official" rulings on the matter. Open to suggestions/pointers in the direction of more data.
  • Actions with names including "X/Day" (etc.) now correctly import this information to their sheet action
  • Added (heuristic) parsing of action activation conditions
  • Added (heuristic) parsing of bonus action traits
  • Fixed some damage rolls/types not being added to imported actions
  • Spell importer:
  • Fixed dice formulas in "At Higher Levels" text
  • Fixed some damage rolls/types not being added to imported spell
  • Added rudimentary filtering to the actor Prepared Spell Mass-Toggler tool
  • Added sortable "Level" column to the actor Prepared Spell Mass-Toggler tool
  • Added config option to toggle "backend detected" display (the green logo variant); logo change also now disabled when in Streamer Mode
  • Added config option to append page information to imported "Source" text, e.g. "PHB" -> "PHB, p.123"
  • Fixed some "Choose Skills/Tools" dialogues crashing the Backgrounds importer
  • Fixed per-source Creature/Spell importers including entities from outside their source
  • Fixed double-scrollbar layout bug in modified file picker
  • Fixed "table groups" failing to import via rivet, and made them available in the Table importer
  • (Developer) All patched methods now expose their originals as _plutoniumCache_<originalMethodName>

the latter of which someone wanted, but I can't find the message requesting it

Get it here:


Plutonium v0.14.0; "The drugs do work" edition:

  • Added (albeit highly shitty) Adventure/Book importer, similar to the "legacy" importer available in betteR20
  • Currently doesn't split the text into millions of journal entries; let me know if the "one chapter per entry" approach is better or worse.
  • Currently doesn't have the "next journal entry/previous journal entry" buttons at the top/bottom of each handout; will add these after receiving some feedback on the above.
  • Added "Scene creation" as an option for Art Browser drag-drop
  • Added Art Browser token sizing config options
  • Added config options for Art Browser button placement; it can be made visible under any/all of: the token, tiles, or main scene menus
  • Added (intentionally highly objectionable) display showing when the server-side mod is detected as active
  • Fixed broken "View" link in the Art Browser
  • Fixed Art Browser always attempting to leverage the server-side mod, instead of just where available
  • (Server) Fixed images failing to upload to an empty assets path


Plutonium v0.13.0 :

  • (Compatibility update for 0.5.5)
  • Added Art Browser integration, accessible via the "palette" button in the scene controls menu. Features include:
  • Drag-dropping tiles to the canvas, with configurable scaling
  • Drag-dropping tokens to the canvas
  • The ability to download entire image packs locally provided the server-side mod is installed (more on this below)
  • Added server-side mod. Installation instructions can be found in the README. This enables things previously locked out by pesky browser security features, such as downloading images from websites that really don't want you downloading their images (lol). This is entirely optional, and Plutonium will never require you to mod the Foundry server. It will, however, enable some additional bells and whistles, like the aforementioned mass image downloader.
  • Overhauled module internals/build system. This (hopefully) should not produce a visible difference in functionality, but should fix previous performance penalties incurred by running Plutonium on e.g. large maps with heavy use of dynamic lighting (thanks @ Felix for bringing this to my attention and providing sample data)
  • Fixed config "reset tab" button failing to take effect unless the settings were manually changed afterwards
  • Relaxed "fast animations" timing to hopefully prevent various timing-related bugs


Rivet v1.2.0:

(A browser extension for Chrome(-likes)/Firefox which allows you to one-click import things from a 5etools page, and send 5etools rolls to Foundry. See the README for more.)

  • Fixed extension failing to initialize on Firefox

Plutonium v0.12.0:

  • Added "Open Main Menu" button to settings tab when ESC key fix is enabled
  • Added "Reset Tab" buttons to config editor
  • Imported classes and class features will now attempt to source art from the SRD compendiums
  • Added Bulk Permission Editor tool
  • Added folder paths and filtering to Directory Cleaner tool and Bulk Directory Mover tool
  • Added Condition/Disease importer
  • Obligatory "Hi, Inner Temple"
  • Import list windows are now full-height by default (fixing an issue where the list could have a scrollbar with very few items)


Plutonium v0.11.0

  • Added warning prompt when attempting to import a single high level of a class without importing the lower levels, to a sheet without an existing class
  • Added warning prompt when attempting to import a subclass (and no class) to a sheet without an existing class
  • Exploded class features on import, breaking down e.g. Fighting Style into all its constituent flavours
  • Added config option to "fix" Foundry's funny ESC key bindings:
    • Foundry default: dismiss context menu -> close all UI windows -> de-select tokens/etc (GM only) -> toggle main menu
    • the Giddy Special: un-focus current input -> dismiss context menu -> de-select tokens/etc (all users) -> close most recently used UI window -> toggle main menu
  • Added config option to add image thumbnails to the file browser (warning: slow)
  • Added config option to (attempt to) remove all animations from the UI (warning: fast)
  • Importer now avoids attempting to import to locked compendiums
  • Fixed various importers failing to import to compendiums
  • Fixed Race actor importer filters
  • Fixed spell "at higher level" choice popups failing to roll dice
  • Fixed backslashes/quotes breaking the "rename" functionality of the creature importer

Plutonium v0.10.0

  • Importers can now import directly to compendiums
  • Rivet can now be used to import directly to an actor [Rivet is working again as of 5etools v1.102.1, which is now rolling out]
    • The target actor can be chosen by right-clicking the actor in the directory, or from the new "Rivet" section of config
  • Added "Source (Abbreviation)" as an option to import folder chooser
  • (Fixed junk console warning complaining about "source map")

Plutonium v0.9.2

  • When importing a choice of skills/tools to a character, current skill/tool proficiencies are now shown in the "choose" menu
  • Added config option to convert item weights to metric
  • Fixed homebrew creature tokens failing to import in some cases
  • Fixed importer failing to remember which source was previously selected upon re-opening
  • Fixed drag-to-reorder being broken in import path editor

Plutonium v0.9.1

  • Compatibility update for Foundry 0.5.x
  • Added multiclass support to class importer (if you have already imported a different class, the importer will now ask if you wish to multiclass/use as base class/ignore the new class)
  • Improved class importer handling of spellcasting slots in the presence of multiple classes (provided all classes were imported with Plutonium version 0.9.1+)

Plutonium v0.9.0

  • Added config option to compact Plutonium window header buttons into a single dropdown button
  • Added support for homebrew subraces to race importer
  • Spell importer will now attempt to populate healing dice on healing spells
  • Added config option to convert spell ranges to metric (where possible)
  • Added filters to class importer (which apply to imported content, i.e. disabling the "Class Feature Variant" source will prevent any of its content from being imported)
  • Added tool proficiency import step to background importer
  • When using the item importer to import a pack to an actor, the pack is now split into, and imported as, its constituent items
  • Added support for hit dice to class importer
  • Added optional/variant feature importer
  • Added config-enable-able "popout" button for sheets, which pops them out into a separate window (warning: probably broken)
  • Added "Compact Scenes" config option, which works similarly to the existing "Compact Journal" option
  • Fixed importing the same class multiple times (i.e. importing higher levels of the same class to level up) failing to re-use the existing class features item
  • Fixed creature importer failing to import non-attack actions as actions
  • Fixed Plutonium window header buttons failing to hide on window minimize
  • Fixed non-Foundry-standard condition immunities being rendered as HTML
  • Fixed class importer failing to set spell slots
  • Fixed some tables breaking the table importer
  • Fixed case where importer item thumbnail images would fail to render

Plutonium v0.8.0,

  • Importer:
    • Ported 5etools filters for use in lists
    • Added SHIFT-click to lists for multi-selection
    • Homebrew files may now be uploaded directly (see the option in the source dropdown)
    • Added spell targeting data for all AoE spells for use with the new template system (and the ability to specify homebrew spell targeting data)
    • Fixed "1 <X> damage" (e.g. the "Bite" attack of a rat) being added as features instead of attacks
    • Fixed failing to remember which importer was last used
    • Fixed non-existent importers being selected when opening actor importer after collection importer
    • Overhauled UI
  • Config:
    • Added initial actor/item permission options for all importers
    • Added "fast animation" token config option, which toggles Foundry's slow-sliding token animations
    • Added "import spells as prepared" toggle
    • Added option to disable 5etools link rendering in imported content
    • Overhauled UI
  • Tools:
    • Added SHIFT-click to lists for multi-selection (e.g. in collection cleaner)
    • Overhauled UIs

Plutonium v0.7.2:

  • Fixed item damage rolls failing to populate (note: compendiums not updated)
  • Fixed config dropdowns failing to display their current value

Plutonium v0.7.1:

  • Fixed links to spells in e.g. creature Spellcasting traits failing to cast the appropriate spell
  • Added configuration options to choose compendiums from which the importers will attempt to source images
  • Fixed bug which prevented Background importer from displaying when importing to journal

Plutonium v0.7.0

  • Compatibility update for Foundry v0.4.4+. Note that this update is not backwards compatible with 0.4.3.
  • Added a tool to bulk-move collection items to folders
  • Added config options for imported tokens, allowing e.g. bar attributes; name display modes to be customized
  • Spell/Item/Creature importers now try to use art from the SRD compendiums where none is available in 5etools
  • Added red coloration to "Delete"/"Delete All" collection rightclick
  • Shrunk collection UI buttons (now one row as opposed to two)

Plutonium v0.6.0

  • Added Psionics importer, which creates spells
  • Class importer now imports saving throw/skill/weapon/armor/tool proficiencies
  • Added notifications when importing through Rivet
  • Fixed versatile weapons being imported with two damage [email protected]
  • Token actors are now re-rendered on importing to their sheets, ensuring the imported items are shown
  • Fixed Necromancy spells failing to set their school
  • Class importer now skips Proficiency Versatility features

Plutonium v0.0.4b:

  • Fixed failing to load custom homebrew URLs

Plutonium v0.0.4a, (FVTT 0.4.x+ only):

  • Added "Spell Prepared Toggler" tool to actors, accessible via a new "Tools" link in the actor window bar. This "Tools" link replaces the old "Cleaner" link, which is now instead accessed from this Tools sub-dialogue.
  • Fixed Silver Dragons failing to import due to a bug in rendering their lair actions


Plutonium v0.0.4

Compatibility update for Foundry v0.4.x+. Not that this update is not backwards compatible with 0.3.x.

  • Added rollable table importer
  • Added option to import classes/subclasses to journal

Plutonium 0.0.3f

  • Added workaround for a Foundry bug where full art would be used as tokens
  • Fixed a bug where items would fail to import
  • Fixed some minor layout bugs

No Face, No case v0.0.2c






v0.0.2 ALPHA