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Ok, if you're here you've already installed or you are getting an error when you attempt to update the script you're getting an error or are being prompted to download a file (see image)


(All of the following assume that you've not modified the default Tampermonkey settings. In Chrome - To Make sure that when you click on a link it works please do the following

Go into Chrome -> More Tools -> Extensions, then in the Tampermonkey section -> Details and under Site Access, click "On All Sites".
No instructions for FireFox on this step - proceed to step 1.

1️⃣ Confirm you have the latest version of (non beta) tampermonkey and are not using a different script manager (Greasemonkey; stylish or the like)

2️⃣ Confirm you have the lastest of either FF or Chrome browsers (all other browsers, waterfox, opera, etc etc are not supported) and if not update your browser.

3️⃣ Please Confirm ..

You have VTTes installed and its enabled (if not, please install R20es.
You are either using only one instance of the Better20 script at a time. (deleting others version you are not using), OR have NO Script installed.
You have assigned a character sheet template in the Roll20 game's Settings (on Roll20's website) under Settings -> Game Settings -> under Character Sheet Template, if you do not, you'll get an error in the console (and likely the Chat) saying Character Sheet is not defined.

4️⃣ Go to or (if wanting to use BetteR20 5eTools (for use with DnD 5e)) https://5e.Tools (see picture) and follow this | link

Where to download.gif

or go to the community discord and type !b20 into the #BetteR20 Issues channel and follow the guidance that results
did either of those work? (ie can you install the script? (see installation notes above)
if so. go no further, if not...

5️⃣Go to https://get.5e.Tools

does that work? (can you install the script? (see installation notes above)
if so. go no further, if not...

6️⃣ CTRL + F5


7️⃣ copy this
paste it to the address bar in your browser, AND' add to that something random -ie an alphanumerical keyboard mash (example: `232qv5q3asdhiou9ajl34aadgaeae43avasdfasfak` or `Mrt00tsbutt5`) at the end of that address (after the ?v=) to cache bust the ISP/CDN's stored information. It should be long enough to think your mash is unique from the several thousand possible users before you (7 or more characters at least).
does that work? (can you install the script? (see notes above))
if so. go no further,
if not...

8️⃣ Delete the script from tampermonkey's dashboard and try again from step 1 (ignoring this step on the second pass)

does that work? (can you install the script? (see notes above)
if so. go no further, if not try manually updating the script