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This document is a collection of most of the FAQs found within the specific feature's specific guidances, along with some overview documents. I would suggest using search Control + F (Ctrl+F) to search for specific content.

However; please be reminded that additional resources exist to give greater information;

BetteR20 FAQ

What is BetteR20?

See Better20's User Guide
In brief, its not 5eTools, its a tampermonkey script that modifies Roll20 adding a number of useful features.

Is it a known issue that....?

That's an excellent question. Might I direct you to.... BetteR20's Known Issues Page?

TamperMonkey Dashboard Version Check.PNG

How do I update the Script? How do I check what the current version of the script is?

Check for User Scriptupdates.PNG
  • You can check what version you are using by going to and checking the listed version number, and then check the version number of the script listed on TamperMonkey's Dashboard.

You can also check within Roll20, when you enter a game on Roll20, the system will respond with a loading... notification and then when loaded, the version. (and if you are out of date)

If so head over to the installation guide which walks you thru installation/updates

How do I turn off these

R20ES DisplayCurrentLayerOnToken.png

That is a VTTes feature, and you'll want to check the VTTes/R20es FAQ.

How do I Install it?

For Better20 see BetteR20 Installation Guide. which will guide you through how to do that.
For Roll20 Ehancement Suite (R20es/VTTes) R20es/VTTes Installation Guide see which will guide you through how to do that.
If you used both previously and it is not seeming to work now (such as you now you cannot import monsters); chances are you need to update the script .

What happened to Import by Category?

You likely installed Better20 core, and not BetteR20 5eTools. Core has no DnD 5e content; see BetteR20 Installation Guide. which will guide you through how to install that.

How do I use it?

Each of BetteR20's features has a separate page on this wiki which will give specifics on how each works, what is required to use it, who can use, and how to troubleshoot, or frequently asked questions.
In general you'll need to figure out what you want to do, and what feature(s) you can use to accomplish that.
The most common of those are:
Importing content into your game
Trying to get Animated Backgrounds to work
Trying to get LibreAudio (how to include external audio files into playlists)

How do I Import _____________ ?

If you are trying in import content; it will depend upon who you are in the game...

- Adventures/Modules :
- Backgrounds :
- Character :
- Class :
- Deck :
- Feats :
- Items :
- Objects :
- Optional Features :
- Psionics :
- Race :
- Spells :
- Items :
- Maps :
- Monsters :

  • Macros
  • Tokens
Temporary Import (via handouts)
- Backgrounds :
- Class :
- Deck :
- Feats :
- Items :
- Optional Features :
- Psionics :
- Race :
- Spells :

Why aren't my tokens keeping information? / Why don't players see them moving after I've modified a token?

There was an issue being reported that upon modifying a token through "Edit Token" the token appears to be modified for the DM but the player's do not see the change and the token freezes on their screen(s).
If you suspect this is happening to you... Update.

If you don't / can't update you'll want to disable the script, make the changes you are looking for, then re-enable the script and have your players re-enter/refresh the game. (Obviously this isn't ideal, but you're out of date on the version so.... )

How do I Report a Typo?

There are none. (Kidding.) You'd leave a comment below or visit the [discord] and give the link to the typo; a screenshot of that, the text and its replacement in #typos-etc, and, thank you for helping make it even better!

Roll20 Confirmation.png

How do I know if the Script is working?

Enter into Roll20 into a game, and then wait for all the components to load. (the Roll20 Loading Screen has disappeared). You should see something like this.
betteR20-5etools v1.21.0 
initialising, please wait...

betteR20-5etools v1.21.0

Need help? Join our [[1]].

Please DO NOT post about this script or 
any related content in official channels, 
including the Roll20 forums.

Before reporting a bug on the Roll20 forums,
please disable the script and check if 
the problem persists.

If you see that then try to use of the Features the script provides to confirm its working.

Why doesn't my Dynamic Lighting/Libre Audio/Animated Background/Foreground/Weather work for my player(s)?

Most likely, because your player(s) is not using BetteR20, or don't have it configured correctly.


You have a question about Charactermancer? Well, Charactermancer isn't supported.
That means that if you use charactermancer, then all other issues that arise are on you. Cannot get the character to export? Cannot get the character to Import? Cannot generate macros? etc etc...
You are on your own in that. Sorry, but the charactermancer was changing rapidly enough its better to not try to dev/fix for that feature's benefit.
Does this mean BetteR20 and VTTes won't work if you use Charactermancer?? No, most often the scripts work. But if you Charactermancer and you've not tested to see if an issue you're having DOESN'T happen when you're NOT using charactermancer... you should.

It's not working! or It's working poorly, What do I do to fix that?

Well, that's just not going to work.
If you are looking for help you will need to get specific on what is, or is not working, and if it does or doesn't work with:
  • R20ES enabled w/ BetteR20, ;
  • just with R20ES running and no BetteR20, or
  • just Roll20 by itself it doesn't work.
Then you'll need to determine....
you know what, probably best if I just suggest you go to the troubleshooting pages for BetteR20/Roll20

My Roll20 Session is hung - or - I get an "Uh uh" Message from R20ES and the features never show up.

please go HERE and follow the installation guide, you most likely have something misconfigured.

First, Confirm you not done the following

BetteR20 Loading.png


Do not disable the VTTes extension, or do not fail to install the R20ES (VTT Enhancement Suite), (see installation notes above) before attempting to Load Roll20.
If you do not do this, Roll20 will hang upon loading you MUST have the extension Installed and enabled,
if you do not have it installed you will hang on loading (see picture to the right), or get the error pictured below.
R20es NotLoaded.png

BetteR20 DUAL install.png


Do not have both BetteR20 Core & BetteR20 5eTools enabled at the same time. If you do... you'll hang on load and get an error.

R20 failedloadBetteR20.png
R20Console NoCharacterSheet.png


Do not fail to assign a character template in the game's Settings (on Roll20's website) under Settings -> Game Settings -> under Character Sheet Template, if you do not, you'll get an error in the console (and likely the Chat) saying Character Sheet is not defined.

Roll20 no API.png


DO NOT take put the RAW text of the script's code into Roll20's API Scripts as an "untitled.js."
(if that means nothing to you, don't worry. Its only possible to make this mistake if you have a Roll20 Pro level subscription.. and the tampermonkey script is not a Roll20 API Script)

What modules can I import

The Following Modules are availible for Import
REMINDER: If you do not own the module IRL you may be violating your country's laws by importing such

Why Don't my imported Monsters have Macros / my Import settings*?

Well for Module Importer/Exporter the modules are exact copies of the Roll20/WoTC module. So this is as is expected and intended - modules have verbatim as Roll20/WoTC intended. The module importer bypasses the importing config editor settings.

I want to get my Online images from Roll20 so I can free up my disk quota

If you are familiar with browser scripts, you should look into this script.

If you are not...
click expand ----->
javascript:(function(){ var links=$('div.library_result').map(function(idx,block){ var $block=$(block), img = $block.find('img'), name = $block.find('div.yourtags li').map(function(i,o){return $(o).text();}).toArray().join('_'), ext = img.attr('src').match(/\b(?:thumb|max|original)\b\.(\w*)/)[1]; return $('<a style="border:1px solid #999;float:left;display:block;width:52px;height:52px;" href="'+img.attr('src').replace(/\b(?:thumb|max)\b/,'original')+'" download="'+name+'.'+ext+'"><img style="max-width:50px;max-height:50px;" src="'+img.attr('src')+'"></a>').click(function(){$(this).css('opacity',0.5);}); }).toArray(); $().html(links).appendTo('body');}());
  1.  In Chrome, create a bookmark with the above code block as the URL.
  2.  Go to the Your Library page.
  3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and keep scrolling until all of your images are loaded.
  4.  Scroll back up to the top of the page.
  5.  Select the bookmark you created in step 1. This will cause the execution of the included javascript which will build a block of image thumbnails at the top of the page.
  6.  Click each image to cause it to be downloaded at its original resolution.

Please note: If you delete an image from your Image Library that you are currently using within a campaign, then it will be lost.  Its suggested that you first add to the external image library the desired image, and then replace each instance.

Why won't this link work?

Presumably you're either speaking about an External Image, Animated Background, Audio file / Playlist, or Custom JSON.
You must use a direct file link, for more information click up the feature link for that feature's guidance and resources.

Macro toolbar/ Buttons have disappeared!

Check the Config Editor's interface tab and make sure the Horizontal Toolbar UI Opacity is not set to 0.00.

My 3D Dice will not work/are not available?

The feature is hard-disabled while the script is active. This solves some of the performance issues around such.
They are disabled, intentionally, with malicious glee (kidding) by the script.

How do I Report a Bug?

First, you're going to have to walk through basic Troubleshooting steps Roll20; confirm it is not a known issue. The guild will direct where QUALIFIED issues are reported. 

All I have is Cilantro, where can I find Corriander?

They are the same thing.

I have an idea I think would be AWESOME!

That's Great! Leave a comment below, or come to the [community discord] #betteR20-suggestion - but, before you leave a suggestion, please see if its already in #suggestion-voting, and perhaps vote for what you'd like to see happen next - as items with the most votes takes the next highest priority.
Updated: BetteR20 has moved into maintenance mode and while you are welcome to submit suggestions, the developer will be focused upon FoundryVTT's Plutonium, and the Website (5eTools).

Crazy Attacks!?!

The DMG's guidance for how a CR rating works, has some pretty broad/vague rules for defense and offensive abilities. When you put them into practice, they work - sorta - but as the CR scales upward the more obvious the problem is with the DMG's formula.
Work Around:
Try to not modify the CR of a creature by +/-4 steps in the CR. If you do, you might wind up with a creature with a single attack that deals 320+ damage and a AC of 24+. To make it more functional, you should manually review and adjust the creature by adding additional attacks or traits.

I've lost all the images in my External Art Library!

Search the Journal for the betteR20-art file. if it's not there you have to recreate it.
It's a good idea to save the contents of that file into a local text file or online file so that should you want to make a new game or experience problem.
[Resource; External Art]

My players are not seeing my image(s)!

You've likely found a source that their ISP is blocking or that they don't have the rights to view.
You get a copy of the image and upload it to an image hosting service like [2] .

I want to get my Online images from Roll20 so I can free up my disk quota

  1. In Chrome, create a bookmark with the above as the URL.
  2. Go to the Library page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and keep scrolling until all of your images are loaded.
  4. Scroll back up to the top of the page.
  5. Select the bookmark you created in step 1. This will cause the execution of the included javascript which will build a block of image thumbnails at the top of the page.
  6. Click each image to cause it to be downloaded at its original resolution.

*If you delete an image from your Image Library that you are currently using within a campaign, then it will be lost.  Its suggested that you first add to the external image library the desired image, and then replace each instance.

Cannot Import the Character (PC)

This FAQ assumes, you have a JSON file that you made by Exporting through VTTes' Character Importer/Exporter or BetteR20's Pauper's Vault
You know which of those two you use, and that the file IS NOT a different file, different file type (like .XML, .PDF, Gsheet or .orcbrew/.orcbrew2), and that you've correctly followed the steps for using the exporter.
This occurs when the file isn't valid for the importer.
SOLUTION  : IF you are using a valid JSON that was exported from Roll20 through the exporter. Then it should import through the same. IF you made by Exporting through VTTes' Character Importer/Exporter or BetteR20's Pauper's Vault, use that same feature to import it. If your not sure which you used - try one, then the other.

I deleted all the content of my folder by accident, how do I get it back!?

You have deleted a folder with content that you wish to keep, and now you cannot find it.
Work Around:
You may see about recovering the game from a previous save state, be aware that will overwrite ANYTHING you've done since that backup date.
Otherwise. But, in general, You don't. It's gone.

Wild Form Build only generates one Entry

⚠️ There reports that when attempting to make the Wildforms, instead of the chosen creature(s), it defaults to making only whatever is the first thing on the list.
Work Around  : Close the window and restart the tool and try again. If that doesn't work, refresh the page and it should work.

Cannot get the Race / Class / Background / Spell / etc to import to the character sheet.

You've imported content to the game, and it doesn't seem to be working. Confirm against what is a Known Issues for BetteR20.

The imported Data doesn't get added to the Roll20 Compendium, so if you're looking there, you'll note (correctly) that those imported elements do not work.
If you are clicking and dragging the journal entries on the sheet and it's not working, and the journal entry isn't highlighted green... you need to click the Bind Drag-n-Drop button. The entry must be highlighted (identified as valid) for bind drag and drop to work.
If you're wondering why CharacterMancer doesn't have the new information, its because charactermancer isn't supported.

This tab is missing

Check if you are using Popout Sheets, they're not supported.

Players can define sight

Players are able to modify their token's light/vision settings, giving themselves darkvision or better vision than they should have potentially.
Work Around:
This is as designed. If your players modify their visual settings/light-emitting, their field of vision will change on the map. Monitor such and make sure they are not cheating and address such directly.

Files are not Showing

If you have just restored (un-archived) or added several journal entries (characters/handouts) it may not list those within the tool.
Work Around: to bypass this, make a new folder and pull one of the journal entries that didn't show into the folder.
Restart the Journal Cleaner, the entries should now be listed.
REASON: Documents that are archived are always there, just not shown. Moving them around while Unarchived forces the tool to see them - more so if they move into a folder, which archived journal entries can do.
You may also restart the session to reload the journal.

My Drawing Tools/Character Macros are gone!

The Macro Horizontal Toolbar UI element includes the buttons from Character Sheet macros and details for the Vertical tool bar UI element (such as drawing). If you have to delete your configuration file if it becomes corrupt, and even on some upgrades for BetteR20, the stored value for this drops to 0, which means those elements appear to "gone", until you mouse over their area. When you mouse over the area, the UI element appears. What causes the corruption/loss of that configuration is unknown, however; see the workaround for a solution for such.
Work Around:
If you lose sight of the Macro toolbar, check the Config Editor's interface tab and make sure it's not set to 0.00.

Using Dynamic lighting + AFOW + Animated backgrounds leads to unexpected results

Libre audio tracks might not play for users who join the session as the track is playing.

Stop the track and have people who cannot hear it reload the page. Once they have loaded back in, start the track.

Table does not trigger Dice Roller

Tables will have what appears to be a viable mathematical header column, but clicking upon the column does not generate a result inside the Dice Roller window.
This is because the Table presentation automatically reviews the first column's header for specific information (a dice roller compatible formatted entry (ie. d20, d100 or the like), or must be specifically told how to respond by the person who made the table entry for the website in their homebrew addition, or the requested command is too complicated for the Dice Roller to understand as it may include a request for information (in the example picture + level which the roller has no way of knowing.
Table nonrollable.png
Work Around :
The DM must calculate the results manually and then determine what the resulting value would be for the players. [open the Dice Roller, and generate a result and then modify the result by the required factor(s) - in the example table (see image) you would enter d100 into the dice roller and then add the character level (which the site has no way to know)].
The topic is covered in greater depth in Homebrewing tables

What modules can I import

The Following Modules are availible for Import

BetteR20 has the following modules available for importing
REMINDER: If you do not own the module IRL you may be violating your country's laws by importing such
Modules you can Import

NOTE: Go to Module Importer/Exporter and use the raw URL
In this case, this link:

How can I import multiple characters at a time?

You cannot.

Why doesn't Charactermancer work on my imported character?

See FAQ on Charactermancer (short version; Charactermancer isn't supported)

Template:FAQ ImportbyCategory

Monster Importer isn't working, or hangs?

You likely aren't at the current release - check the chat log in Roll20 for the notification that you are using an out of date version and that there has been a newer release.

Roll20 Adventure's Name Abreviation Publication Date Lvl Start Lvl End
Lost Mines of Phandelver LMoP 2014-07-15 1 5
Hoard of the Dragon Queen HotDQ 2014-08-19 1 7
Rise of Tiamat RoT 2014-11-04 8 15
Princes of the Apocalypse PotA 2015-04-07 1 15
Out of the Abyss (see notes) OotA 2015-09-15 1 15
Curse of Strahd CoS 2016-03-15 1 10
Storm King's Thunder SKT 2016-09-06 1 11
Tales from the Yawning Portal: Against the Giants TftYP-AtG 2017-03-24 11 14
Tales from the Yawning Portal: Dead in Thay TftYP-DiT 2017-03-24 9 11
Tales from the Yawning Portal: The Forge of Fury TftYP-TFoF 2017-03-24 3 5
Tales from the Yawning Portal: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoacha TftYP-THSoT 2017-03-24 5 8
Tales from the Yawning Portal: The Sunless Citadel TftYP-TSC 2017-03-24 1 3
Tales from the Yawning Portal: Tomb of Horrors TftYP-ToH 2017-03-24 20
Tales from the Yawning Portal: White Plume Mountain TftYP-WPM 2017-03-24 8 9
Tomb of Annihilation ToA 2017-09-19 1 11
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist WDH 2018-09-18 1 5
Lost Laboratory of Kwalis LLK 2018-11-10 5 10
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage WDMM 2018-11-13 5 20
Ghosts of Saltmarsh GoS 2019-05-21 1 12
The Orrery of the Wanderer OoW 2019-06-18 1 6
Dragon of Icespire Peak DIP 2019-06-24 1 6
Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus BGDIA 2019-09-18 1 13
Eberron: Rising from the Last War ERLW 2019-11-19 1 2
Rick and Morty: Big Rick Energy RMBRE 2019-11-19 1 3
Rrakkma Rkm
Tyranny of Dragons ToD
Stranger Things Starter Sets STSS